Saturday, December 19, 2009

Do You Hear What I Hear?

So today I got the hugest surprise of my life. It was bigger than when Brad and Michelle surprised us with a visit awhile ago by driving all night, bigger than Texas, bigger than the snowstorm we had two weeks ago, and even bigger than...Well, you know-it was BIG!

Let me explain. We were all downstairs this morning, looking at a video that Clark documented of his trip in Jerusalem along with his "favorite christmas song" by two "close friends". The song started and I was thinking to myself- HEY! Brad could sing that. After listening to it once through, the kids all laughed and said that it was Brad, and of course I put my hands over my face and started to cry. THEN after the second time listening, they told me the girl voice was Michelle's! Then I really lost it.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Gingerbread (graham cracker) Houses

Monday night we were invited to Connie and Jamie Quinton's house for their annual gingerbread house making contest. They like to use graham crackers with glue guns to make the houses. It is a smart idea because who eats the gingerbread afterwards anyhow? We were in groups according to age, yet age did not matter with this contest at all. We had all kinds from tall and skinny, short and stout, traditional, name it.

We had Karma & Kevin Beazer and 2 of their kids, Larry & Carolyn Leavitt and 5 of their kids, Quintons with their 6 kids plus a son in law, and of course, us. We all had a great time!

This was the "old" group with an average age of 50+.

The newlyweds.

The young girls, about 12 years old and very creative! (the far left house)

The older teenagers. Can you tell what they used for the "thatched" roof? Shredded Wheat.

The younger teenagers. (Neal's group) A soon as this group used a sifter with powdered sugar this became my favorite one. It's the detail, like snow!

Who won first you ask? We all were awarded our own special mention so we were all winners!

Monday, December 14, 2009

A Visual

I really don't mind the snow at all when it is fresh and looks like this. We have had very cold temperatures for the last couple of weeks and so right now it is very picturesque outside. It makes Christmas feel like Christmas. (last night while driving home from a Rotary Festival the temperature was -16 F. Yah, COLD!)This is our road that leads from the highway to our house. You can see our roof just behind the trees.

This is the road leading from our house to the highway.

Now you can visualize what we get to drive on, through, over, however you want to look at it. I like it!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winter Has Arrived in Alberta!

Leaving the garage door open all night long with a north wind due to a blizzard is what you don't want to do!

Our good neighbor, Brent, called to see how "the Cahoon's are doin'" and with in 5 minutes he was up helping Mark shovel snow from the garage. We really do have "neighborly" neighbors!

A bad storm moved in yesterday with practically zero visibility. Neal had a basketball tournament in Lethbridge(45 minutes away) yesterday after school and was not able to get home after the games so the team spent the night with relatives of the team members. They played two games today and are on their way home......It will be nice to have him home safe and sound. Just a side note, to add to the bad weather conditions, Brad was in a fender bender(in Utah) this morning. A lady lost control and broadsided him. He is fine, but his car might be totaled.

I am betting on no church tomorrow. There are two factors to getting to church. One is that you have to be able to get out of your driveway, and two, be able to see the road you are driving on. With living in a rural area these are very important elements. I'm telling you, it's bad up here!

This picture is not indicative of todays a long shot.
Just wanted to leave you with a pretty image of winter.