Monday, January 4, 2010

Christmas Break

We had a great Christmas with the kids home. Clark flew into SLC where Brad and Michelle picked him up after classes that evening then headed to Idaho the next mornning to pick up Laurel. It was really fun to have all 4 kids drive home together. Mark and I agree that this Christmas was one of the best ever. With the kids being between the ages of 26-14 and none of them married just brought a different something this year. It was a reunion with having Clark home from Jerusalem and listening to him talk of his experiences was amazing in that he learned so much and could/can actually answer any question that anyone asks him. He brought home some neat things for us all. Papyrus from Egypt, an olive wood nativity, a special photograph taken of a shepard on the Mount of Olives taken in the 1930's, a painted button on olive wood for me......just cool stuff. We played the best board game ever, Ticket to Ride, which we played a lot! We pretty much stayed home and enjoyed eachother's company. It was a grown-up Christmas I guess you could say. To have 4 of your children adults is really kind of neat.

Below are some pictures from the last 2 weeks.

A sleigh ride. Loye is in our ward and is so good to our family. Lou Lou's family met up with us for an old fashioned sleigh ride. Loye did doughnuts in the intersection which was fun, but also a bit scary at the same time.

Here we are, all bundled up and squished in a major way.......

I love this picture of Laurel and I.

Michelle with my niece, Kelly.

Just arriving for the sleigh ride. It was very cold, just so you know.

It seems that this is the year of plaid shirts. My nephew Caleb, Michelle, and Lou Lou.

This is my neighbors shed. It looked so picturesque that I had to get a picture.

When the frost is so thick and heavy it is really pretty on the branches. Clark had a great idea for a family picture this year. We all wear white while standing in the snow against the white frosted trees with the sky white as well. It really would have been a pretty cool picture, but......really, who has white pants these day? That was our excuse anyways.

I took these photos of Michelle just after she shook the branches.

Michelle was so happy to be home. She loves being in the kitchen with me.

The girls and I had fun making gingerbread snowflakes and dipping chocolates this year. the Hatch saddle. My father made this saddle when he and my mother lived in Samoa while working for the church in the mid 80's. Everything was done by hand. Every single stitch. Every single stamp. Over the holidays my friend Dixie took it to a friend of hers who oiled it and added some finishing touches so now it is completely ready to use. Is it not a pretty saddle? Can't wait to use it!

Look at this great photo! Daddy and his saddle

Brad went to Nicaraugua over Thanksgiving and came home with these custom made cowboy boots. While on his mission he baptized the Colero family and they have really taken a liking to him, which is understandable. They are still very active and three of their daughters are involved with the perpetual education fund from the church which is enabling them to get an education at one of the best schools. The family even "killed a cow" for him in his honor. He said it was pretty gross and he was sick to his stomach, literally for the next few days. The cowboy hat is from them as well which was given to him when he finished his mission there.

The Colero family wanted a picture of Brad in his get-up so we thought it was appropriate that the saddle be in the picture as well to add to the outfit and because he loves his mom I got to be in the picture too.


Marilou said...

Sweet post Lee lee!

USAUS said...

I envy the joys of your family life! May 2010 continue to so bless all of you!

Jan said...

Thanks (again) for giving me a taste of what I loved about growing up in that area - without having to experience the cold. Loved the pics and loved the thoughts.

Kari said...

What a great post! Thanks for the photos. And I love-love-love the header photo. Just beautiful. Can't believe that saddle, being hand-made and stitched and all. OH, and I've always wanted an olive wood nativity. I bet it's just gorgeous.

Dad/Papa/David/Grandpa said...

Love the saddle pics especially. Quite the heirloom for many generations to come. Glad your are taking such good care of it. Have great fun breaking it in.
Brad you are looking pretty darn good in that outfit. Let's go. Let's show. Let's rodeo!!

Audrey said...

I have just spent some very glorious time catching up on your blog!! Your photos of the snow are fantastic and could be made into postcards or christmas cards. But have to say those gingerbread houses were the coolest things I have ever seen! WOW! Looks like you had a wonderful holiday. Happy New Year!

Cher said...

So fun to picture all of the places you are posting about! Wish we could have been there for all the cousin fun! xoxo

runthehill said...

I've enjoyed reading your blog today and looking at all of your photos over the past year. I think your home is beautiful, the countryside in which you live.. breathtaking and your family.. incredible.
I get a chance to see Clark's life a little each day on Facebook. I sent our Christmas DVD, I hope you received it and got a chance to watch it.
It seems like a dream, from a long, long time ago, that we lived in Newbury Park with you guys. In fact, it's really hard for me to remember much of that time at all.
I am grateful your share your life with all of us. It makes us all seem a little bit closer together. When I show these photos to Jeff, I'm sure he will renounce his American citizenship and immediately become Canadian.
Michele Risser