Saturday, January 2, 2010

Wintertime in Waterton

Thought you might enjoy some photos of Waterton in the bitter cold of winter. On Christmas day we decided to pack up and bundle up for some tobogganing but the snow was not great so we took some pictures instead. Clark has more photos on his camera of the family so I will post those when I get them. Until then........can you see the Prince of Wales Hotel? It looks just as pretty in the winter!


Ziggy said...

Oh Man you know how to get the intensity of color!! Love the header!! Sunrise or Sunset?? I'm guessing Sunset!! Oh and Waterton is beautiful of course, but Cold, is Cold!! Brrr, when it's too cold to tobaggan, it's Too COLD!!:)

USAUS said...

I have now experienced the joy of howling winds over icy plains... It is like -17C here today, keep WINTER up there Marilee... I want my tropics back and I will just enjoy the beauty of a white winter through your blog - I am over the cold weather already!

It is beautiful there though - I do admit, over cyberspace!

Jan said...

Really beautiful. It made me so happy to see these pictures. Thank you!