Saturday, February 27, 2010

Skiing at Bridger Bowl

During "Reading Week" last week we decided to join Lou Lou's family in Bozeman, MT. to try our hand at skiing. It was really fun. We all had a great time. Laurel and Michelle were up during some days off at school so they were able to come which made it even more fun. Laurel had tried snow boarding once, Neal has been a few times before, and Mark hasn't skiied for over 30 years. Michelle and I were the new ones and I have to say we did pretty well on the bunny hill, but not after getting really frustrated. I was ready to give up, no lie. I'm glad I stuck it out though because now I can say after 49 years that I know how to ski.

Love Love Love this photo of Mark and I. Of course I love standing next to Mark and a good photo of the both of us is great too, BUT look what is in the background! THE AMERICAN FLAG! WoooHooo!

Laurel and I waiting for that bunny hill chair lift. Boy did we have bruises on the back of our calves from trying to get on the low chair gracefully. Next year, no bruises. I am moving up to the regular lifts.

We stayed at neat place. The rooms had two doors, one to the hallway and one to the main area inside that had a pool and 5 hot tubs along with a breakfast bar. The interior was rustic which added to the winter ski trip feel.

Taco Bell is one of Lou Lou's favorite places so we ate there one late evening. I'm telling you, it is a real treat for us to eat out and have missed that since moving to this area.

These pictures were taken from our FLIP video camera so the quality is not too great. I just wanted to show more pictures of us on the slopes.

Can you believe we didn't get one single picture of Neal on the slopes? He was having a great time snowboarding with his cousins on the bigger hills.

Mountain View Basketball

Neal is on a winning team this year. They have won the last two tournaments and "zones" are next weekend.

Here they give medals instead of trophies which I love. I have a box of trophies from the kids that I can't seem to get rid of. They are such awkward things to store. Yea for medals they can hang around their necks!

Sunday, February 21, 2010


We bit the bullet and got a dog! We promised the kids that we would get a dog when we moved here and so here she is. Rio!

First bath about a month ago.

She was one one of the smallest and mild mannered of the litter, plus her markings are neat. When she was born she had the marking of a diamond on her back so we got to thinking about a name. Diamond Rio came to mind and so Rio it is. She is a Border Collie (dad/neighbor dog) and Heeler mix. The mom is a Red Heeler but she had Blue Heeler puppies as well. Rio is a Red Heeler. These dogs are known for their work on ranches with cattle. They like to "round em' up". Our friends were kind enough to give us the puppy so all Neal has to do it work it off with a little hard work on the ranch.

If we can teach her not to chase cars and jump up on people then I will be happy. There is nothing more annoying.
Mark even secretly likes her.