Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fun Times

Bradley drove up Thursday afternoon for a little visit. Yep, he surprised us with an early arrival so we have had more time to have fun. He leaves tomorrow after church. I love it when the kids are home on a Sunday. Something about attending church with all or some of them makes a great day.

Me just posing for the camera:) See Neal? I think he secretly loves it when Brad puts him in a headlock.

I'm telling you it was a perfect day for photos in Waterton. You never really know what kind of weather you will find there but if you are lucky enough to find a windless day then you are, well, lucky.

Look at the lake! Amazing when the wind doesn't blow.

Father and Son! We had a great day cross country skiing to Cameron Lake. I'm sorry to mention the weather again, but it was perfect!

I'm not sure how this gopher hunting post below made it into this post...........

On our way home from gopher hunting this afternoon we saw this bald eagle. There are quite a few in the area hunting for gophers before heading to Alaska. That's the word around town anyway.

This is how to hunt for gophers. You drive and shoot. This is my sisters car on the homestead.

Lou Lou thought she would get out of the car and really go to town. She is a serious gopher hunter. She was keeping a tally so of course as soon as I heard that I knew I had to start keeping track too. I shot 20, I'm just say'in.

I know you are probably thinking that the Cahoons have lost their marbles, but gophers are not our friends. They really mess up the pastures with holes and holes in cow pastures are not good. Plus as soon as we can hunt gophers it means that spring is just around the corner. Gophers and Springtime really do go hand in hand here.

Even though I shot more gophers today, Lou Lou really does look more professional, I will give her that.

Neal ventured to the back of the truck after awhile. A little more challenging but not as warm and comfortable.

We have a lot of fun here and would love to do all of these fun activities with you all. Really, come on up!


USAUS said...

What a FUN and wonderful weekend for y'all!

Marilou said...

It was a great day for gopher hunting. Wish that sun was
shining a bit more though. But there's always next time!! Your gopher count is just a mere 5 more than mine. was nice meeting Maddison today. Great taste Brad!!

Ziggy said...

The pictures are nice!! When the lake in Waterton is still, you're right YOU'RE LUCKY!!
Sounds like everyone had fun!!
Handsome family, that's for sure!
Looks good on ya Brad!!!
Gophers eh?? We'll have to get past 25 in the next few days!!

mama jo said...

what gorgeous pictures! and who is maddison?

Jan said...

Homesick. And needing a trip back there to see these things for myself -- and it will happen in July (for a favorite nephew's wedding!) Yay. And it will also include the added bonus of no snow. I'm a wimp -- lovely pictures!

Michelle said...

This is my favorite post! I love all the different angle shots and the colors are soo pretty (I guess we have Waterton to thank for that). That Neal is one stylish little fourteen year old!

Audrey said...

Oh Marilee!!! Your photos are AMAZING!! You live in a very very unique place. It was so grand to talk to Mark the other day. Glad the cattle drive went well. I told him your moring sure makes mine look very very boring! :) I loved the pics of gopher hunting. We used to do that in Denver back in the high school days, but I think it was illegal. hee hee

Michelle said...

Cool makeover!

玉苓 said...

I love readding, and thanks for your artical...................................................

name: Laurel said...

haha "celebrate the season." ? I know it feels like the middle of december but it's actually spring time. i like the stuff on the left though!

Christie said...

The photos of Waterton are gorgeous!! It's just dadgum beautiful up there!