Monday, April 12, 2010

Gopher Hunting Update

When Mark is away on business Lou Lou likes to come and stay overnight. We always have a pretty good time doing whatever we want which always involves a puzzle but this time we decided to be a little crazy and go gopher hunting by ourselves. We grabbed our 22's, our own supply of bullets, hopped in the truck, put it in 4 wheel drive and took off to the hills of Leavitt.

It was a slow day compared to out last outing, but we did manage to get 11 each. The land has cattle on it and they are just starting to calve now so we were lucky enough to see a momma and her baby who was just hours old. So so cute! I wished I had brought my camera. I really do need to get in the habit of bringing my camera everywhere I go so I don't miss moments like this.

About gopher hunting. It really is a necessity around here. Honest. With the holes that they make it is very dangerous for the cattle that roam these parts. Cattle here is a lively hood so to loose a cow due to injury is not a good thing.

I actually think that Mark gets a kick out of telling his neighbor in High Priests Quorum that his wife shoots gophers. Just sayin!

Grand total thus far: Lou Lou 52 Lee Lee 43


Marilou said...

The highlight of my Springtime this year!! time let's NOT forget the camera!

Bar ZR said...

Don't worry, the heat of the day will bring the gophers out!!
The calves are the best part of spring!! They are so cute when they run, buck and play!!
So fun to watch them stand up for the first time!! Cool! Cool! Cool!

Kari said...

You are so funny...shooting gophers, for Pete's sake!!! This is a good reminder to me how just a few years can take you places that can be COMPLETELY different than where you are today!

Arlene said...

MARILEE!! I am so happy to see you!! I can't believe you are back in Canada. I found Clark on facebook. Lucky day!! He gave me your phone number too. I was just down in Hill Spring last week, I wish I had seen you when I was so close. We have a ranch by the Carway border. We see the same mountains as in your pictures here, and I'm sure we hunt the same gophers. We live in Lethbridge.Love Arlene Cook (Seely)