Monday, April 12, 2010


Last week was spring break for Neal so we decided to head to Rexburg to visit Laurel before she headed off to DC for the summer. Michelle drove up from Provo and the four of us had a great time. (Mark was in CA on business) The only thing that I had a request for was to eat Mexican food while in Rexburg so we went to Bajios Mexican Grill both nights for dinner and luckily the kids were ok with that. Yea for me!
Take a look at our pictures to see what else we did for fun.

Neal loved rock climbing. It was his first time and he did really well. Laurel has rock climbed before indoors and out so she was belaying for Neal.

He made it to the top!

We also visited the Teton Museum in the basement of the Rexburg Tabernacle that had information on the history of Rexburg and a film on the Teton flood which was interesting. I didn't recognize a single name on any of the artifacts though, like I do when I visit the Pioneer Museum in SLC. The Budge (my mother's maiden name) family was very prominent in the Logan area and my father's side of the family crossed the plains and settled in Santaquin, Utah where the museum there has items from the Wall (my grandmother on my father's side) family.

We had the whole bowling alley to ourselves.

I think Neal was trying to look cool, but then look at his feet. I think he forgot he had neon bowling shoes on!

You know what? I am ok with this photo. I had a great time bowling!

I think that Michelle has the right idea though. A little more professional I would say.

I love my kids!


Marilou said...

Fun,fun,fun! I know you love your kids....and they love you!

USAUS said...

What a great break together - now we get two of your kids for summer! We'll take good care of them - promise!

Bar ZR said...

Love the shoes!!!
Love the wall !!!
Love the kids too!!

kelseyp said...

you have great kids! just a super awesome family. i love rexburg! we spent 3 years there before soph came along and loved every minute of it.