Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy 29th Anniversary!

Marilee Hatch + Mark Lee Cahoon
Married June 27, 1981
Hawaii Temple

I bet we were married a whole 30 minutes in this picture. How romantical!

We had a traditional luau for our recepetion with all the fixings, which of course, included kalua pig along with hula dancers and the traditional "Hawaiian Wedding Song" sung by a friend.

It was my father's birthday the same day. I just had a weird thought. In this picture my father just turned 51 and I am 50 right now. That's weird!

Happy Anniversary Mark, I love you!


USAUS said...

Congratulations... what a wonderful achievement!!!

I see Brad;s countenance for the first time in that top photo of Mark... handsome men these Cahoons!

And of course, Lee Lee... you are stunning as always! Such a gorgeous bride!

Laurel Lee said...

Happy Anniversary!

ahem, as i was saying on the phone...

you are the best and most wonderfully fantastic parents anyone could ask for and i love you both so very much and wish you the best on this, the happy commemoration day of 29 years of marriage.

mazel tov!

and happy birthday to grandpa!! I didn't know that his birthday was the same day as your anniversary! and i cannnnnoooootttt believe that grandpa was just one year older than you are now, at your wedding. that's craaaazy to think about!

mama jo said...'s kellys birthday that day also!

Marilou said...

Happy Anniverary! It was fun yesterday. Thanks for letting us come over and bring you and Mark dinner and dessert!

Dad/Papa/David/Grandpa said...

Kudos to you and Mark! Brings back the memories. I remember watching the pig going into the hole and all the different leaves being placed in the hole and then the pig sliding off the chicken wire into a 50 gallon drum. Cutting all that great pineapple and sampling the goodies in the kitchen was great. Yum yum. It was a wonderful wedding in all respects Marilee. I am so happy for you and Mark and all your children.

Kari said...

Hi, Marilee--

I totally see Brad in that top photo. Congratulations 29 times! :)