Monday, July 19, 2010


Mark and I were sitting at the kitchen table after dinner tonight, looking through blogs when Mark pointed outside.
I have never seen a rainbow this intense before.

I'm telling you, I see the most beautiful, interesting, picturesque, and unusual scenes from my kitchen window. The weather is always changing so everyday is a new day through my kitchen window.

A double rainbow it is.

And here it is a little closer. I only have a Cannon Power Shot 5.0 megapixel but it has served me well.

Five minutes later, the rainbow was gone!


Anonymous said...

Positively AWESOME!!
Such clarity,contrast,and composition, beautiful photography Marilee!!

Marilou said...

Okay wow! I have never seen a rainbow that intense before either. Against the dark grey sky is, well....spectacular indeed.
Are you convinced now that you should be putting a Leavitt calendar together??

Kari said...

Now those are some beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing.

mama jo said...

that's gorgeous!

Barb said...

AHHH I love this picture, I love the rainbow but I also love the grass and color of the skiy