Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Laurel!

Our little Laurel Lee is 22 years old.

We have loved having her home the last week or so before heading off to her last semester of college. She has become an adventuresome girl with her own dreams and desires. She loves to try new things, is up for most everything, and best of all she is positive, cheerful, and kind to others. Happy Birthday Laurel! We love you!

Friday, August 27, 2010

College Time

Michelle is gone for another year of college. She is rooming with Julia, her best friend, so this year is going to be great for her. Have fun Michelle! We love and miss you already :(

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Perfect Day!

Yesterday felt like summer. That's a good thing right, since school starts in a few days. Yah, summertime. Mmmmm.....summertime. Really now. Where did it go? Actually I should be asking, "Is it summer yet"?.

This summer has been hit and miss. We hit a couple of days of nice weather and then we miss it when it is gone for a few days. Then we start over. I'm just stating a fact. Summer has not been summer this year. But yesterday? It was summer.

Karen (Mark's sister) and Kelly invited us to their cabin in Kalispell. It sits right on Echo Lake and they have a boat. Look what fun we had.

We drove over Logan Pass. It is always a pretty drive with great spots to stop and play.

Michelle standing by the truck:)

It is so fun having Laurel home before she heads back to Idaho for her last semester.

Kelly has all the toys one needs to have fun on a lake, with a boat.

The girls and I stayed on which is a good thing with Kelly driving the boat. He knows better than to dump me in the water.

Mark is surfing behind the boat. Crazy. I had never seen this before. I guess a wave is a wave no matter how or where you surf it.

Laurel is always up for anything.

Cute, yah?

Ok now. Hold on to your socks because this is getting exciting.

Ooh, is that Marilee?

It sure is. Marilee is parasailing! Crazy isn't it? It took me tll the end of the day to committ and I am sure glad I did. It was pretty darn fun. And I would do it again. The take off from the shore is a little odd, but once the air grabs the parasail you are good to go.

The landing. Michelle did a great job getting this on camera. It all happens so fast.




This was a great way to end our summer. Thanks Karen and Kelly for having us down. It was a blast and just what we needed.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Is this not a great picture? I love it! Here is Brad, Kelly (lou lou's daughter), Laurel, and Jake (my brother's son). Kelly and Brad have been in Virginia selling pest control, Jake lives in Virginia, just graduated from HS, is on his way to BYU-I, and Laurel has been in Maryland working 3-4 jobs and has absolutely loved it. She wants to return next summer after her student teaching. These guys have not grown up near each other so thanks to David and Mary-Anne having them over for Sunday dinners and various activities they have been getting reacquainted.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Trail Ridin' Gals

Tuesday was a very fun and adventuresome day. Eleven ladies form Leavitt went on a trail ride. Dixie was in charge and she thought it would be fun to ride in the community pasture. I have been there once helping her move cattle, and I thought it was the perfect choice. The weather was a bit like "june gloom" in California, but afterwards we realized it was perfect weather for the horses. If the flies are on or around the horses they just get bothered and who wants to be on top of a bothered horse. Not I!

The community pasture is a 4 mile square, 4 square mile, however you say it, of community land. Right now there are some ranchers that have cattle in there, but it is open to 4 wheelers, camping, and winter activities as well. Mark remembers going there when he was a little boy with his family to cut down their Christmas tree.

Look at this. It is not everyday you see women haul their own horse trailers. No men needed here.

Here we all are, minus the picture taker. We are ready to roll, ready to rumble, ready to ride!

This is a blurry picture I know. This was taken before I figured out that I needed the movement setting. This is Colynda leading her daughters horse over this stream. Trigger was fine after this crossing.

Can it get any better than this?

Or this?

Or this?

These cows were being a little out of character. Cows are herd animals so they tend to stay together. One cow thought it wanted to join us so it followed us and then his peeps did the same thing.

Can you guess where we are?

We are on the Montana border. There is only a barbed wire fence between us and the U. S. of A. I know I know, you would think that maybe it would be a bigger deal. Maybe it would have been if I would have been brave enough to touch it, but maybe, just maybe, an alarm would have gone off. About 30 minutes after we left, we did see a helicopter overhead there. Do you think that maybe they thought we were escapees/fugitives? Just ladies having a good time.

Our picnic spot was perfect and right next to a stream. We chatted while sharing our food. We voted that next time Barb can fix the food. She came with a tuna and veggie wrap, along with fresh fruit. This was also potty break time. Some ladies only need five feet between them and the others, maybe 10 or 20 feet, but me? Um, I will go as far as need be. If I can't see you then you can't see me and that is the only way for me. After I got back, Shauna asked me if I was scared of bears maybe coming, but that was the last thing on my mind. Just put bush between me and the gals and I am happy.

Look how happy we all are. Can you see the bunny ears behind Barb's head?

I love wearing my boots, spurs and Wranglers, but more important though, is the saddlebag on the horse. My father made it when he made his saddle years ago. It was perfect and it sure holds a lot of stuff. If I needed a drink, I turned to my right and bingo. If I needed my camera, I turned to my left and bingo again. I would go on another tail ride just so I could use that nifty saddlebag again. No word of a lie!

After the ride most of the women went home, but Barb, Dixie and I decided to go a bit longer and we were glad we did. The sun came out and we were able to visit more.

You can see part of the "june gloom" going on here, but you can still see the vista. It can't get much better than this.

I agree with Clark, we need a tipi. This tipi was on some land that belongs to one of Barb's friends that is right next to a creek so on our way home we decided to dip our feet into the refreshing water. I think I am partial to creeks and mountain lakes. Funny huh, coming from a California girl.

Yuno, Downey, and Shasta were so good to us. It is always so nice of Dixie to share her horses. It was hard work getting this activity together and managing riders like me with little experience. I have to say that I am pretty saddle sore, but it is my own fault with not riding much before a long trail ride. I think we rode for 7 hours or so and covered over 10 or 12 miles. Wouldn't you say Dixie?

We are doing this again next month too! Yea for the Ladies of Leavitt Riding Club. ( I know, we are too old for clubs, but it is fun to feel youthful again)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Parade Day!

I woke up yesterday morning and was just kind of going through the plans for the day in my head, when it dawned on me. I love parade day. I really do. Our family has been going to the Cardston Heritage Days Parade for years and years. The weather is always nice and we always go to the creek afterwards.

Enjoy the highlights.

You gotta have the local high school band play. Marks brother, Grant, is the band instructor. Grant is following after his father who was the band instructor for a lot of years.

And, because it's who you know, or on other words, who knows you, you might be asked to be in the band on parade day. There's my Neal. Playing the drum. He enjoyed himself and wants to do it again. Whew! And, who doesn't look snappy in a uniform.

The Cahoon gang. It is getting bigger and bigger as the years go by and the grand kids get married and have their own families. Look at Mark with hands getting ready for candy.

Yep, mules are indeed stubborn. This kid pulled this mule the whole way and this mule was not happy.

I wish I had known this float was going to be in the parade because I would have been more prepared and gotten a better shot. The people on this float are from the auxillary part of the hospital. It is equivalent to a convalescent hospital in the states. I volunteer a few times a month giving them snacks and juice and I really enjoy it. Some of the patients can remember things from way back so it is fun to get to know them and learn more about the area and people here. When I walk into Bill's room, his eyes light up and we have a real good time chatting about this and that.

Look at the candy in that large ziplock bag. The candy this year was very very plentiful.

Never pass up a chance to have a picture with your husband. Never.

Lou Lou and Chris love the parade too. It has become a tradition for them as well.

Margueritte and Devere Leavitt. They used to be in our ward until the fall when they had to move into supervised living. They are both in their nineties and really were not ready to give up all of their independence, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. It was great to see them in the parade.

Look at this little boy. I think he is trying to be Captain Brave or something. So cute.

And, the parade ain't over until the street sweeper sweeps through.

No need for creek pictures this go around. I think you all know what the creek looks like by now. BTW, it was a great day. Just the twins and their husbands!