Friday, August 27, 2010

College Time

Michelle is gone for another year of college. She is rooming with Julia, her best friend, so this year is going to be great for her. Have fun Michelle! We love and miss you already :(


Laurel Lee said...

posted two minutes after she left.

misssss youuuuuuuu

Dixie said...

Have a great year Michelle!
Saw the tail lights heading off into Babb! :):(
Look at that green at the end of August! Wow!
See ya soon!

Marilou said...

BYEEEEEEEEE Michelle! Thanks for coming to Parklake with me this summer! See you at American Thanksgiving. Have a good 1st Semester!

Barb said...

Oh, I really don't like this I hate goodbyes, and I really love Michelle.

Kari said...

And the calendar rolls on! Speaking of rolls, I always drive by those big hay rolls you have on your header and am in awe of the size. Can't imagine the machine that rolls them up. Have fun, Michelle! :)

Michelle Joyce said...

Thanks for the post mom!