Monday, August 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Laurel!

Our little Laurel Lee is 22 years old.

We have loved having her home the last week or so before heading off to her last semester of college. She has become an adventuresome girl with her own dreams and desires. She loves to try new things, is up for most everything, and best of all she is positive, cheerful, and kind to others. Happy Birthday Laurel! We love you!


USAUS said...

Yes, Laurel is all that and more... we loved having you near us for the summer and watch you take flight Laure! Have a wonderful day Laurel - See you next week in Rexburg!!!

Marilou said...

Yep. I think you have it right on the nose. That sums up Laurel to a "T"!
Happy Birthday Laurel!!!!!

Dixie said...

Wow!! GREAT Shot of the two of you!!
Triple YUP, YES, YAH, Laurel is all that and more! A fun, fun girl with character!! Happy Birthday Laurel, Enjoy the adventures of today!!
The Sun showed up for your Birthday, ya hoo!!!

Michelle Joyce said...


Anonymous said...

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