Sunday, August 8, 2010

Parade Day!

I woke up yesterday morning and was just kind of going through the plans for the day in my head, when it dawned on me. I love parade day. I really do. Our family has been going to the Cardston Heritage Days Parade for years and years. The weather is always nice and we always go to the creek afterwards.

Enjoy the highlights.

You gotta have the local high school band play. Marks brother, Grant, is the band instructor. Grant is following after his father who was the band instructor for a lot of years.

And, because it's who you know, or on other words, who knows you, you might be asked to be in the band on parade day. There's my Neal. Playing the drum. He enjoyed himself and wants to do it again. Whew! And, who doesn't look snappy in a uniform.

The Cahoon gang. It is getting bigger and bigger as the years go by and the grand kids get married and have their own families. Look at Mark with hands getting ready for candy.

Yep, mules are indeed stubborn. This kid pulled this mule the whole way and this mule was not happy.

I wish I had known this float was going to be in the parade because I would have been more prepared and gotten a better shot. The people on this float are from the auxillary part of the hospital. It is equivalent to a convalescent hospital in the states. I volunteer a few times a month giving them snacks and juice and I really enjoy it. Some of the patients can remember things from way back so it is fun to get to know them and learn more about the area and people here. When I walk into Bill's room, his eyes light up and we have a real good time chatting about this and that.

Look at the candy in that large ziplock bag. The candy this year was very very plentiful.

Never pass up a chance to have a picture with your husband. Never.

Lou Lou and Chris love the parade too. It has become a tradition for them as well.

Margueritte and Devere Leavitt. They used to be in our ward until the fall when they had to move into supervised living. They are both in their nineties and really were not ready to give up all of their independence, but sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do. It was great to see them in the parade.

Look at this little boy. I think he is trying to be Captain Brave or something. So cute.

And, the parade ain't over until the street sweeper sweeps through.

No need for creek pictures this go around. I think you all know what the creek looks like by now. BTW, it was a great day. Just the twins and their husbands!


Kari said...

Awesome photos, Marilee! A sunny parade day, you can't beat that. Neal looks great as the drummer.

Marilou said...

When I saw that picture of you with Mark, I thought it was me and wondered why I was sitting with Mark! Guess we really do look alike. Lol!

Ziggy said...

Hey, who put those horses and chuckwagons in the dyer?? They shrunk!!
Fun pictures and parade day is always a good day!!
Love the header picture, sun, water and heat, how can that be beat??

Audrey said...

Oh I too love a parade!! These are wonderful photos. You really take great shots that show the atmosphere and beauty of your area. Those rainbow shots out your kitchen window are beyond stunning!! It practically glows. I always love catching up on your blog. Neal looks so grown up! and not all dogs get to have such a cool house. Love it all!

Barb said...

f1shes55Marilee, you capture the best moments of the parade my favourite is that buckskin guy I swear he has worn the same outfit in the parade since I was a little girl.

Barb said...
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