Thursday, August 26, 2010

Perfect Day!

Yesterday felt like summer. That's a good thing right, since school starts in a few days. Yah, summertime. Mmmmm.....summertime. Really now. Where did it go? Actually I should be asking, "Is it summer yet"?.

This summer has been hit and miss. We hit a couple of days of nice weather and then we miss it when it is gone for a few days. Then we start over. I'm just stating a fact. Summer has not been summer this year. But yesterday? It was summer.

Karen (Mark's sister) and Kelly invited us to their cabin in Kalispell. It sits right on Echo Lake and they have a boat. Look what fun we had.

We drove over Logan Pass. It is always a pretty drive with great spots to stop and play.

Michelle standing by the truck:)

It is so fun having Laurel home before she heads back to Idaho for her last semester.

Kelly has all the toys one needs to have fun on a lake, with a boat.

The girls and I stayed on which is a good thing with Kelly driving the boat. He knows better than to dump me in the water.

Mark is surfing behind the boat. Crazy. I had never seen this before. I guess a wave is a wave no matter how or where you surf it.

Laurel is always up for anything.

Cute, yah?

Ok now. Hold on to your socks because this is getting exciting.

Ooh, is that Marilee?

It sure is. Marilee is parasailing! Crazy isn't it? It took me tll the end of the day to committ and I am sure glad I did. It was pretty darn fun. And I would do it again. The take off from the shore is a little odd, but once the air grabs the parasail you are good to go.

The landing. Michelle did a great job getting this on camera. It all happens so fast.




This was a great way to end our summer. Thanks Karen and Kelly for having us down. It was a blast and just what we needed.


Marilou said...

Wow, what a great day for all of you! And Lee lee? Parasailing? That's exciting! Really exciting!

mama jo said...

looks like a wonderful time...

Barb said...

AHHHH I can't believe you went parasailing! You are a TOTAL rock star. Wow ok I am totally going to need more details about how that went. Like did you lose your stomach or did it feel choppy?? Anyway we will talk about it later. Mark surfs? I mean I know you lived in California but I didn't know that he surfed. That makes me like him more not that I needed too.

Mark said...

That WAS the most fun we've had in I don't know how long! Thanks again Kelly and Karen.

Dixie said...

Echo Lake is the one of the best places on this earth!!! Way to go Marilee, Parasailing, I'm really glad you didn't miss out on that!!
Surfing behind the boat is great!!
I love that too!! With at least one hot day at the lake, one can say that summer showed it's face for a moment!! Good for you guys!!!!

Brad said...

Wow I am jealous. I think instead of working I am now going to go home and be a bum every summer from now on. That way I won't miss out on things like this. Hooray for debt!

Laurel Lee said...

gee wiz, we sure ripped our knickers, didn't we, mom? waaaa hoooo!

Kaylynn said...

Cool pictures. Parasailing looks awesome. Good thing you decided to do it. It was nice for it be warm that day, because it is cold today:)

iamclark said...

wish i could have been there. that looks like so much fun. NEXT SUMMER!

Christie said...

Wow, Marilee, this is the first time I saw this post and you inspired me. I've seen people parasail here at the beach and always wanted to try it. This summer is it! I'm gonna' do it!
What fun....can't wait.