Friday, September 17, 2010

Bad News Good News

Sometimes you want the good news first and sometimes you want the bad news first. Today I am going to do the bad news first, or is it good news? Here is the news anyhow.

Uh huh, we woke up to snow. I know that we live north. I know that we live in Canada, which is north. I know that. I do I do. And I know that Canada can get snow 12 months out of the year. I have heard that said. I have heard horror stories about that. But really now. Are you big fat kidding me? This is outside my kitchen window? Really? So that is the bad news part of all this. Snow in September is bad news. The kids are glad they are not here, so it is good news for them. But bad news for us because we were really looking forward to having them here this weekend. But good news because they are in St. George. And you know what? Next weekend is suppose to be better weather so the kids will come up then. See how the good news, bad news gets all jumbled up?

Ahhh.... look at the green trees. The lake. The picnic table. And daddy! Yep, there he is. Michelle was working this day and had a long break so we packed up this picnic dinner and headed to Waterton. I really do love Waterton. Although our summer has been wet and rainy and cooler than usual, there were some great days in the park.

This is a "moment" picture, don't you think?

Daddy with his favorite daughter. Sorry Lou Lou?

So you might think that the reason why Brad and Michelle are in St. George is because it is hot there. Not so. They are in St. George to take care of their grandpa. He is a mighty strong man, living so far away from us all. But you know what he managed to do on Wednesday? Drive himself to the hospital with chest pains, after dropping off his dog to the shelter, might I add. He checked himself in at 4pm to the ER and by 5pm he was in the cath lab having 3 stents put in. Brad and Michelle did not even think twice about going down to St. George last night to be there when he is released today. Not a blink, not a hesitation. Nothing. Just a, "sure, no problem". I called Brad last night and they were about 40 minutes from St. George just having a great time singing in the car and having fun. See how much fun my kids have without me? Laurel is sad that she isn't able to be with grandpa too. The little red truck is acting up so she didn't want to chance it with driving it to Provo to meet up with Brad and Michelle.

So see how this snow is good news, bad news? It all worked out. But you know what the really good news is? The kids would have been down in St. George happily even if it hadn't snowed up here and was like 90 degrees. They love their grandpa!

Glad you are being well taken care of daddy and we all love you. You are as good as new and good to go forever!

Come on daddy, who is your favorite?


Dixie said...

Too bad Summer is hiding it's face!! I'm going for the Indian Summer thing until Feb and then Spring, a warm mild spring!! Right?
Fun post Marilee, almost cruel putting up pictures of warmer times!!
Such good kids you have, taking care of your Father, and here's wishing him a speedy recovery and many WARM days ahead!!! :)

Barb said...

Marilee, I am so sorry about your Dad, and so impressed with Brad, and Michelle. But then again they are your children, here is something I haven't told you about, I have watched you give quiet Christ like service over and over again. So it doesn't surprise me that your children act the same. I am sorry about the snow, I feel some what responsible for it, simple because I was a little excited only because snow = CHRISTMAS, at least in my head.

Barb said...
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Kari said...

Well, snow in September is certainly NOT something I would wish for! Hope your dad is back on his feet quickly.

Kaylynn said...

I felt the same way about the snow. I hope your Dad recovers and that your kids make it here this weekend. Thank you so much for calling yesterday to share your Dad's story with me. I am sure you are the favorite:)

Laurel Lee said...

um. ew

Katie Wood said...

I thoroughly enjoy your blog to the fullest! Thanks for letting my blog-stalk you!

iamclark said...

Sorry about the early snow... maybe the whole family should come out to Hawaii in the dead of winter. Oh... YOU ARE? Great. Sounds like a plan.

Mom, your pictures are lookin' good. Keep it up.