Sunday, October 31, 2010

Laurel Rides Too!

Just so you know. I am not the only one in the family who enjoys riding. Laurel caught the bug this summer.

This summer has not been the greatest for outdoor riding. It was really pick and choose the day and hope for the best, but we did manage a couple of fun rides together.

This was the beginning of our ride to the creek. First we work and then we play. See the momma and her baby on this side of the fence? Not good. Laurel and Dixie did a great job getting this pair back to their friends.

"Good job, Laurel, getting the momma and her baby back to the herd. It's fun isn't it"

Look at Old Chief in the background. He is actually in Montana, but we have the very best view of him here in our very backyard. See the winding creek there? Nice!

After work one evening, Dixie and Laurel met me on the road to Red Rock for a quick ride. We rode a little, had a picnic dinner that Laurel made for us, took some pictures (of course) and then continued on our way. It was a bit cool and windy, but we did manage a few decent shots before the sun set too low behind the mountains of Waterton.

Where The Prairie Meets The Mountains.

I'm not sure I will ever get Michelle on a horse. She had a bad experience when we first moved here. She went riding with some friends on a very cold day, and I mean a really cold day, was not prepared for the wind and yuckiness, rode forever and ended up in a cabin in the middle of nowhere with no matches and got bucked off. Yah, not real fun. Maybe next summer we can talk her into it. Ok Laurel?


Dixie Dee said...

So cool that Laurel rides too!! Love the photos, love the scenery, love the horses, love the company! :)
Southern Alberta can be very nice, on a nice day it's hard to beat!
Michelle, it's fun, next summer?

Marilou said...

like mother like daughter. laurel, you always have a smile on your face! you can make this a mother/daughter tradition every year.
and michelle? what a terrible time you had with your first horse ride! not sure i would be that excited to jump back on a horse again either. bet dixie could wipe away that bad memory for you and replace it with a great one though!

Laurel Lee said...

momma! good one! what a happy surprise post.

looooove youuuuuuu

Barb said...

What a great post, I love that picture of when rockies meet mountains, seriously it is post card material.

Barb said...
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Kari said...

Gorgeous scenery, as usual! I told you I'm so jealous of the horse riding thing. Now I'm green again, all over. Awesome.

USAUS said...

These are the days that are "mothers' pay days" when we feel richer than a king!

And Michelle... I feel your pain! I got thrown off on my first horse ride with Uncle David, then the horse landed on top of me, but I felt if I didn't get back on the "horse" I never would, so a few weeks later once the bump on my head subsided, I put on a helmet and rode through Yosemite... and this time it was a totally different experience. Give it another go!

Dad/Papa/David/Grandpa said...

I love those pics Lee Lee. So wonderful to have such a great friend in Dixie and to be able to share the delight with Laurel. Priceless.

And Michelle....I hope you try on Mary-Anne's advice. The best thing you can do when you fall is to get right back up. You go girl!!

Laurel Lee said...

new post new post new post!! getting extremely homesick and i check this page at least 5 times a day!!