Monday, October 25, 2010

Party In The USA!

I want to start off by saying, Yahoo! Right on! Booyah and YeeHaw!

Guess what I did on Saturday? Ran a 5K, uh huh, me, I ran a 5K with 3 of my friends. Good friends that is. Barb, Kaylynn, Dixie, and I left Friday morning to drive to Polson, Montana for the Live Locally 5k Walk/Run. Barb says that she is her own party, but she invited us "in" and we had a blast chatting and singing in the car on the way down. Barb dances in her drivers seat like I do. Way to go Barb!

We have been preparing for this run for about a month, with each of us training individually, but one Saturday morning we decided to do a run here in Leavitt together where afterwards Dixie made us all a yummy breakfast. Here we are looking "lovely".

From left to right. Barb, myself, Dixie, and Kaylynn.

Just one of those funny shots you have to take. Kaylynn and her family moved here this summer and she is a real gem of a gal. Her husband is the new principal at the Jr. High School and Neals Teacher's Quorum advisor.

Here we are before the run. We are standing with Melinda Owen. She is from Polson and is training for the 2012 Summer Olympics in Track and Field. The sponsor of the Live Locally 5k run presented her a check for $10,000 afterwards. Such a nice girl. Go Melinda!

Here we are looking "lovely" again after the run. We got the greatest goodie bags and then they fed us spaghetti, fruit, and cookies afterwards. So so great!

Oh, I bet you want to know how I did. Well. My goal was to run the whole thing (3.2 miles) without stopping and...........I did! The time was around 33.20 my fastest time ever. I am pretty happy about it. Hopefully I will keep running a couple of times a week to keep it up. I may just want to run another one and I need to be ready.

And of course we had to go shopping. I am not sure you understand how fun it is to cross the line and go shopping in the USA. Everything is cheaper, believe me. I won't go into a price check comparison for you, but just know that I am right. We did the Costco run, the Target, Ross, TJ Maxx run and the Walmart run. And yes, we brought coolers. A trip to the states is not a complete trip without coolers. Butter and cheese prices are crazy up here with a lb of butter selling for over 5 bucks in Cardston. It's real bad.

Are these t-shirts not great? This picture was taken outside our hotel room. We stayed at the Best Western with a beautiful view of Flathead Lake.

So you may be wondering what has gotten into me. Well, it is the Bloom Where You Are Planted thing. No sense in living against the grain. It is much more fun to join in! There are such wonderful people here in Leavitt who are so genuine, caring, hard working, and who don't bat an eye when someone needs help. I have learned what it means to serve each other. People who are perfect examples of everything good and true and right. I feel at home here.

Barb is the one who started this all. In the past year she has lost over 85 pounds and she ran a 1/2 marathon this summer. Talk about an inspiration. She is always happy, friendly, smiling and fun to be around. Who could resist a run with Barb? We had a blast and are planning to do this 5k run again next year. Hopefully the group will be bigger, but not so sure we would have any more fun than we did this weekend.

Party In The USA, our theme song!


Michelle Joyce said...

MOMMM! This was such a fun post! It looks like you girls had so much fun. Also, I couldn't help but notice but you look really good mom!

Dixie Dee said...

Grinning still,actually, laughing out loud!! I can just hear you "uh huh"! "Sorry!?"
Oh ya that was a great trip!! Excellent post Marilee!

So cool that you got a shirt just like mine, and Barbs and Kaylynn's!! Way to go!! Cool enough yet to use your new blanket?

Thanks for wanting to do a 5km with Barb and letting me play!! :)

I agree with Michelle, you look great after such an awesome accomplishment!! :)

stone's eye view said...

great job!
and how could one go to Kalispell without a cooler?? that would just be plain old crazy.

Katie Wood said...

I love this! I am so impressed! This was some much needed inspiration to get me going more. Way to go! And you do look great!

Kaylynn said...

You are a funny blogger. I love to read the things you write.

I am so glad we went and will definitely do it again!

Barb said...

Marilee it is we, that are grateful that you came home to us. You provide us with a much needed culture, decor, and oh, maybe we are great, confidence. This weekend seemed like a catalos to the incredible year I have had. I do believe you are the absolute definition of "Bloom where you are planted". You have accepted our sorry's, high cheese prices, and calf branding traditions without hesitation, in fact, you have done more than accept I do believe you have embraced them, I admire and desire to be a little more like you friend. Thanks for everything.

Laurel Lee said...

agree with michelle, you look way good!

fun post fun post!

i'm proud of my momma!

Kari said...

Nice post, Marilee! And congratulations on not only finishing the 5K but doing pretty well at it, if you do say so yourself! That's awesome.

christie said...

You are a true inspiration Lee Lee. I'm so happy I found you guys. Everytime I read one of your blogs I feel happy. Miss ya'll. You are a blessing in my life.