Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Riding and Branding

I thought I had better do an animal post. It has been awhile hasn't it, and so to make up for lost time I am going to post about cows and horses. Nice aren't I? The plan for the day was to just ride to Beaver Lake and enjoy what might possibly be the last day to ride outdoors. It was pleasant when we started out, but you can't get too comfortable around here, so yes, the wind kicked in and the wind was not against our backs, we rode into the wind which is not real fun.

The ride was nice despite the wind as it settled right down and warmed up a bit on our way back. Just Shauna, Dixie and I this go around. Shauna came up to Dixie and I after church and said, "Hey, when are we going to go riding again?" We all three love to ride so that was that.

On our way back we stopped for a picnic/snack break in the trees (leaves have changed color and are gone already) and then headed back to Shauna's place to find her husband and son branding calves. I was sure they needed my help, I was just sure of it.

Have you ever smelled burning cow flesh? It smells awful.

I am not sure what I thought was so funny here, but I guess this just goes to show you that I think branding is fun. I really do feel bad for these calves though. First they are taken away from their mommas and then they are branded-not once, not twice, but three times. My job was to do the number 9 under the other two brands. But I think I feel more sorry for the mommas. Nursing one minute, then bamm, no baby. Kinda cruel don't ya think?


iamclark said...

I don't really believe you feel bad for them. Ha. That was a pretty big grin on your face in that last pic. Ha. Anyways... Hope all is well out in the prairie land.

Dixie said...

Great Day Huh???
Oh I know the branding couldn't have been done without you!! Good thing you showed up!! :)

Quite the California girl is all I can say!!!

Who can feel the leads? You CAN!!!
60 hours Marilee!! Semi Pro!! :)

USAUS said...

What have you done with our Lee Lee? Where is she?

Marilou said...

That was a spectacular post Lee lee! Is that Downey you are riding? I was picturing Downey to be a dark horse. That pic with just his ears in the lower right is so cute. And Lee lee? You holding the rein in your hand? So professional looking!

You actually branding? SO very cool!

Daddy, you must be so proud and happy of your "other than your first" favorite daughter? Ha ha!!

Shayla said...

I've lived in Southern Alberta all my life and still haven't had the experience of branding a cow OR shooting gophers. It's great that you were able to capture the moment in your pictures!

mama jo said...

all i can say is 'who are you?'

Kaylynn said...

I bet you smelled awesome after you finished branding. That is one of the perks of branding:) Glad you had a fun ride.

Laurel Lee said...

motherrrrrr! weirrrrrrrd!

but i guess becoming less and less weird.

thanks for the call today!

Brad said...

I agree with whoawhoa...(translation laurel). Totally weird...yet strikingly normal these days. Yep. You're my mom. :)

Kari said...

Marilee, you are a woman of many talents! :) While I don't think I could stomach shooting gophers or branding cows, I am green with envy every time you post about riding horses. Such beautiful, beautiful animals.

Barb said...

Marilee, you are and always will be a ROCK STAR, or maybe I should say a COUNTRY STAR, too me.

Dad/Papa/David/Grandpa said...

I know I am weighing in late on your post but oh well. That smell of burning flesh is never to be forgotten. It all came back when I saw the pic. Now you need to accompany me to a Mediterranean fly plant in Tapachula, Mexico. This plant intentionally breeds flies and then sterilizes them before release. The smell in that plant is another stick to your nostrils forever aroma.