Monday, November 29, 2010

Our Thanksgiving

We had a great Thanksgiving this year. Brad, Laurel, Michelle, their two cousins, Jake and Trinn, along with my father were all here this year and what a crowd it was. There was a bed for everyone though and food galore! The weather turned cold just as they arrived and stayed for awhile but it didn't stop those boys from hunting, hunting, and more hunting. All Brad wanted to get this trip was a coyote, but luck was not in his favor, however, and Trinn got a nice one in our backyard. They got two deer as well, and Brad now knows that when you shoot a deer, you clean a deer. No thank you! It's a good thing my father was here to guide the way in gutting it and yah, there is still a mess in the shop, but then what is a shop for right? I will spare you the photos :)

Lou Lou made some yummy cinnamon hard candy so Laurel and Grandma are testing it out.

Jake enjoys his computer and that's all I'm going to say about that.

I suppose Brad does too.

And the group too.

Oh, and Mark and I. BUT we were "skyping" Clark so we have a good excuse. We missed you Clark. We will make up for it in a few weeks. ALOHA!

We played a new card game called, the worst game ever. It was a fun one and we all played quite a few rounds during the week.

The cousins + Lou Lou.

Just some random shots of the meal.

Oh Laurel, you're so dramatic....and we love it! "please don't make me sing" snl

Left to right....Trinn, Janson( Kelly's bf and Trinn's old missionary companion, and yes a coincidence), Kelly, Neal, Brad, Michelle, and Michael. Michael is from Simi Valley going to BYU who was up with some friends that live here. I'm telling you, there are conections all over the place in this area. It's crazy.

The "grownup" table. Mark, his mom, his Aunt Edna, cousin Tressa, my father, Chris, and me.

Chris and Lou Lou. Nice pic Lou!

It was a fantastic, fun and food filled week with the gang here. My father was a real champ and hero to drive from SLC with these crazy kids and then to do it all over again on the way home . Not sure I could or would do that at the age of 80. Just a side note: before he jumped in the car in SLC, he had already driven 4 hours from St. George. See? A real champ!


Clark said...

Looks like I missed out but that's alright... I was warmer than all of you by about 70 degrees. That's a fact. Can't wait to see you all in a few weeks!

Katie Wood said...

What a fun weekend! I loved all the pictures! Happy American Thanksgiving!

Marilou said...

It was a fun Thanksgiving as usual!

Brad let's not forget about the second annual cooking contest next year;)

Laurel, loved the new card game! Thanks for "funning up" the day!

USAUS said...

So wonderful to see family memories created! Thanks for such a warm welcome for my boys!

Barb said...

First of all thank you for not posting the cleaning of "Bambi". But I love the rest of it! I am glad you had fun I loved the pictures when you were wearing your "race shirt". Ok we need to get together before Aloha.

Kaylynn said...

Looks like a party. Are we having deer for dinner on Thursday:)

Dixie Dee said...

Looks like a fun time as always at the Cahoon Hacienda. Enjoyed the "Race" shirt too!! Have to say that I enjoyed seeing Clark and the 80+ degree weather too. Just sayin'! Fun Post Marilee! :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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