Saturday, December 11, 2010

2nd Annual Cookie Exchange

My friend Susan (hi Susan, can you start blogging again, pretty please?) hosted cookie exchanges in her home and it was always fun. She hand picked her ladies which makes it nice if you were asked to participate. And if you weren't asked you didn't know because, well, you weren't asked, so how would you know? Anyway, obviously I was asked because I know about them. Ooooh this sounds a little under the table, secret society kind of a thing. Not really. There are different ways of hosting cookie exchanges. You can invite a certain number, they bring that many dozen, you go home with 1 dozen of that certain number of guests. Get it?

Last year was my first time and you live and learn right? I had 8 women and they brought 3 dozen ( yah, I know, not enough) so we each took home 3 dozen cookies of 7 different kinds because you don't get any of yours. This year I had 16 women ( Lou Lou came, yea!) which I was a little worried about. They each brought 7 dozen cookies (84) and went home with 15 different cookies (5 of each kind). But the really cool thing was, which was totally unexpected......extras! We made plates up and some of the women took a plate to someone in the community. It was really really neat how that worked out. Not quite sure how that happened, but it did and it was nice.

We had all kinds, and no duplicates.

Ambience of course. Thank you Barb for taking all of these pictures. It was nice to not have to do it. It seemed a little weird for me to take pictures of my own party at my own house so thanks a bunch!

If any of you know a different way of hosting a cookie exchange let me know. I know you can get pretty carried away with having rules like, 1) they have to have flour in the recipe, 2) no bake cookies not allowed, 3) no store bought. You can also make personal invitations and even have little gifties for everyone and so on. But this is a fun way to include anyone who would like to join in. And everybody who came today left very happy with containers full of cookies-15 different cookies!


Marilou said...

Yea, for hosting a cookie exchange because it was totally worth the drive out to your place on a nice winter's day.
The variety was really nice and the extra cookies made into plates to give out was a great idea!
I was telling Barb that if you made it into a bit more of a party with a gift exchange (1st person opens a gift, the second person has the option of the opened gift or a new gift to open and so on) that would be so on. And maybe even have the cookie exchange/party in the evening for a different feel.
I have never heard of the cookie exchange rule that the recipe has to have flour. Kind of interesting. Good thing it wasn't a "had to have butter in the recipe" cookie exchange because believe it or not my recipe didn't have any butter in it!

Barb said...

That was so fun that it is hard to change anything but change is always fun. Mariou my cookies didn't have butter either they had whipping cream!! It was fun visiting with everyone and my children loved the attack afterwards.

Shayla said...

What a great idea! Sounds like a lot of fun! :)

Dixie Dee said...

Sounds like a Good Time! Ah but when the big M is involved it is ALWAYS a good time!! Too bad I missed out, I think I'll keep the Triple Dog Dare in mind for future events! :) Everything looks yummy, yummy!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my poor !#*@% stomach! Why did you have to leave all those dang cookies hanging around?