Monday, January 31, 2011

Business Model Competition

This is the follow-up to the Speed Pitch competition that Brad won in November. Keep in mind when you read the article at the end of this post, that Brad's business idea was first called Token Text (mentioned in the speed pitch post) , but because ideas are always evolving it is now called Kalood. This competition was on Monday, January 24, in Provo, Utah.

Each team had 10 minutes to present their business model to the judges. These are some of the businesses that Brad has signed up so far.

He did a great job on his presentation! So comfortable on his feet, unlike his mom.

Pam and Orlan, Mark's sister and his brother, came to the competition and Laurel zipped down from Taylorsville after teaching to join us. Of course Michelle was there, but Neal stayed home so he wouldn't miss any school.

Professor Nathan Furr and Steve Blank with Brad. They were two of the three judges.

Before announcing the winners, there was an audience participation vote. Each team had their own text number so you could text for your favorite, just like American Idol or Dancing with the Stars. It was pretty cool. Brad won with 40% of the votes and won a whopping $1000. Brad might not have won first place in the competition, but his idea was the favorite in the people's choice.

Brad told me that the day after the competition, students in Professor Furr's class "had a word with their teacher" and a heated discussion followed with the teacher defending his decision. We all look at the "good idea" end of it, and the judges were judging him on his model. We all think Brad is the big winner here and he really does have a great idea and I will post it on Wednesday.

International Business Model Competition Focuses on Progress
By Stacey Wallace - Sun, 01/23/2011 - 22:15

A new competition has hit BYU, one focusing not only on end results, but the change occurring along the way.
Today BYU hosts its first international Business Model Competition at the Varsity Theater.
Business models have a different function than the more familiar business plan, according to Jeff Brown, the assistant director in the Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology.
“A business plan is putting on paper what your business is all about. Your business model is basically how you are going to make money. It’s how you’re going to interact with your customers and your suppliers; it’s kind of your secret sauce,” Brown said. “No business plan is complete without first having a business model.”
Although most competitions feature finished products, today’s targets evolution within the business models, said Todd Kirk, a senior from Beaumont, Texas, and the student director over the Business Model Competition.
“There’s never really a point where you arrive with a business model,” Kirk said. “It’s something that is always changing and they want to see that you are continually progressing.”
Entrepreneur Steve Blank heads a panel of judges who will evaluate each team’s creativity and awareness of customer needs, according to the Marriott School news release.
More than 45 teams entered the Business Model Competition, according to a Marriott School news release, of which four teams are the finalists competing today.
The finalists are Gamegnat, from American University in Washington, D.C., and Kalood, MealDrop and TextWaiter from BYU.
Judges will award the winning team $15,000 cash and $10,000 in-kind services. Audience members can be part of the action and enter a raffle to win a 42-inch HDTV.

We didn't win the TV, the hat, the jacket, the headphones or the ipod Nano. Laurel was close though. It was a very quick trip to Utah, but so worth it.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Twins Ski

Nope. Not the twins I'm thinking of, but they do look an awful lot alike.

Lou Lou drove out on Thursday for our weekly visit and we had our usual fun. It really doesn't matter what we do, it is always fun. Todays' activity was to go cross-country skiing in Waterton. They have a great trail near Cameron Lake that is groomed and always ready to go, plus ski rentals are just 15 bucks a day. Maybe one of these days/years I will invest in a set of my own.

I have only been cross-country skiing 2x before so I am still pretty focused on the ground in front of me. When I ride horses, I do the same thing. I look straight in front of me instead of looking ahead at a certain target.

You will never guess where this picture was taken from.

Yep, from the ground. Me on my back to be exact. If your skis get out of the groomed trail then sometimes this happens. At least it does with me.

Here are the twins! Twin jackets, can you tell?

The beauty of nature.

And we did a puzzle. There is a story behind this puzzle.

My mother used to do puzzles. She loved them and it looks like we are now carrying on that little hobby. You might notice though, that the puzzles we are working on are exactly the same. My parents have had three different schipperke dogs through out their marriage and each one was named Satch. Satch Hatch. Anyway, their last schipperke they had in Lincoln, Montana about 10-15 years ago was not the most friendly dog. A little protective you might say. A little nippy. A little annoyed with our children. A little territorial. He was not the favorite dog of the bunch that they had for sure. So anyways, a few Christmas's ago, my father thought it was a great idea to give LouLou and I a puzzle of a schipperke and today we decided to get them out and make our father chuckle.

Twins in twin shirts doing twin puzzles. Weird.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Speed Pitch

Bradley is on fire! He is LOVING his entrepreneurship class.

Here is an excerpt from Marriot School web page. This event took place last semester.

Bradley Cahoon, left, a senior entrepreneurship student from Newbury Park, Calif. pitches his winning idea for TokenText.

Fast-talking student entrepreneurs win in Speed Pitch Competition

Although a successful business can take years to build, a great idea shouldn’t take more than a few minutes to pitch. Finalists in the Speed Pitch Competition rapidly presented their business ideas before a group of local entrepreneurs and venture capitalists as part of the Business Plan Competition at Brigham Young University.

Chosen from ten finalists, Bradley Cahoon, a senior entrepreneurship major from Newbury Park, Calif., took first place and won $300 with the idea for TokenText.

“I plan on being an entrepreneur the rest of my life, so I wanted the experience of pitching and getting my ideas across,” Cahoon says. “This event has been a huge confidence builder but has also helped me see areas of my idea that need improvement.”

TokenText is similar to Groupon in purpose, but it is designed to offer targeted discounts on items users show interest in rather than a generic daily deal. The company’s website tracks how many people are watching items at participating retail stores to know when they go on sale. When a large enough group is watching an item and willing to buy at a discount, the company is notified to reduce their price. Once the reduction has been made, users receive an alert that the desired price point is available.

In addition to prize money, Cahoon won a seat at a local FundingUniverse luncheon, an event bringing together more than 20 investors to network and share business ideas. FundingUniverse, which hosted the Speed Pitch Competition, was established to help angel investing and small business financing become more efficient by rapidly matching lenders with entrepreneurs at events held throughout the country.

Finalists were given three minutes to pitch their ideas before judges, followed immediately by a two minute question-and-answer session. Contestants then rotated between tables of judges until each team presented ten times during the course of the event. Finalists were chosen from written entries submitted a week prior to the event and invited to pitch their ideas live before judges and spectators.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Better When We're Together

Listening to Jack Johnson in Hawaii is the only way to go.
It really is better when we're together!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Modeling at Makapu'u & Other Interesting Sights

Ok. After church we did some sight seeing on our way home. What's funny about this statement is that on your way home from anywhere in Hawaii, is a sightseeing tour. Am I right? So. Hawaii Kai Chapel is on a corner of a main intersection that leads to Hanauma Bay, Sandy Beach, Makapu'u, and so on, so of course that is the way we went back to the North Shore. The scenic route. We decided to drive into the parking lot of Makapu'u to get a different view of the lighthouse, which was not as good as I thought it would be, but oh well, you just move on right? You take pictures of something different. Here goes.

Brad and Laurel.

Brad and Laurel.

Brad and Laurel.

Brad and Laurel.

Brad and Laurel. My favorite one. Brad's favorite one and also Laurel's favorite one. They are posing in front of a Heiau. Life in ancient Hawaii focused on propitiating the gods, and the various islands housed many types of temples invoking peace, war, health, or profitable fishing and farming. Chiefs and specific occupational groups, such as fishermen, practiced formalized worship in the heiau (place of worship). The heiau structure ranged from single houses surrounded by a wooden fence to stonewalled enclosures containing more than one house to the massive open-air temples with terraces, large stone platforms, and numerous carved idols in which ruling chiefs paid homage to the major Hawaiian gods. A history lesson for you thanks to

Interesting sight #1

We have had our eye on this house since our first trip with the kids about 6 years ago. It is just down the road from a secret opening to the back end of Bellows in Waimanalo. Tourists don't know about this spot because you have to live in Hawaii to know where it is. Me and Lou Lou would go here alot because the waves were just right for body surfing. But you gotta watch out because when it is rainy you can get stung by a Man-o-War, a type of jelly fish. Never happened to me. So back to the house. The first time we saw this the people were in the middle of building it and we noticed it, or should I say, Mark noticed it because of the shake roof. The owners were nice enough to give us a little tour. The gate was open this go around so I took this picture. It's very cool. It has been featured in magazines.

Interesting site #2

I think they call this a fan palm. Brad thought this was pretty dang cool. Oh, fans are cool, they cool you down. Fan palm. Weird.

Interesting sight #3

Look what we found on the very end of Portlock Road in Hawaii Kai near Spitting Cave (that is a point you jump off of. Clark has done this and come to think of it, Lou Lou's old boyfriend, Steven, has probably done that too). The Bounty Hunter lives here. Can you believe that gate? It is probably made out of Koa wood which would be crazy. It could be Teak though, too. Whatever, I love it.

Interesting sight #4

Mark and Marilee kissing like it's 1981!

PS. There is an Interesting sight #5
Jaguar is all I can say. hahahahahaha................inside joke for some of us, sorry.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Graduation Day!

Crazy, crazy, crazy! Clark and Laurel graduated on the same day, in different states, and an ocean apart. Clark's graduation was on the morning of the 17th and Laurel's graduation was the evening of the 17th. So how could we attend both you ask? We divided and conquered. I flew with Neal to Hawaii and Mark drove down to Idaho. Brad and Michelle took their finals early so they were able to fly to Hawaii a few days early as well. We were all together in Hawaii for 10 glorious days in paradise after we all reunited on the Sunday following graduation. Did you know that I want to live there? Anyway, here is a slideshow of the two graduations. Enjoy!

Oh, Laurel graduated in Art and History Education and is now student teaching in Taylorsville, Utah at a Jr. High teaching Utah History and Art. So far so good.

Clark graduated in Political Science and is assisting with two research papers at BYU for a professor this semester and then time will tell. Clark also completed a Peace Building course, which along with his major, his time at the Jerusalem Center, and his great people skills, should help him find a profession that is the perfect fit for him.

Brad graduates from BYU in April and Michelle is in her 2nd year at BYU. Neal is in 9th grade and grows taller and his voice gets deeper every time we turn around. We are proud of Clark, Brad, Laurel, Michelle, and Neal. We love that they make good choices, love each other, and are becoming good, good people.

Hawaii anyone?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Chinaman's Hat

Love Chinaman's Hat. Love the day we spent at Chinaman's Hat. Love the pictures we took at Chinaman's Hat.

This is the cover of a book about this little island. It tells the legend of how the island got it's name. You can also buy this photo as a print, which my parents did when they lived in Hawaii and I am lucky enough to have it. For now.

Didn't take this picture, bet you didn't know that. I took this off of the internet because the view was so different. Seeing it from the top makes me feel a little better that I didn't make it to the top. Keep reading and you will see who did make it all the way to the tippy top.

Three trips, 15 minutes each way, to get us all out there on Clark's kayak.

The lifeguard taking his three poi (what they call mixed breeds) dogs out for a little ride.

BYU-Hawaii graduate!

It's crazy to look at a family picture when your kids are this old because, well, it's hard to believe they are really yours. I don't know. Can't really explain it. All I know is that we had a great time on this island, just the 7 of us. A private getaway in Hawaii.

Sea glass hunting was a fun activity we did and what better bowl than a coconut.

This was all the beach there was, or is, on this island. That little stretch of sand you see is where we hunted for the sea glass. Michelle is usually the one who loves doing this but this time we all got in on the action.

Play time!

More play time!

And more play time!

Brad and Mark snorkeled pretty much all the way around the island.

Ok, now this might not mean much to you all, but this was the last part of the climb to the top that some of us just couldn't muster. It was straight up lava. I'm not talking "straight up" like a phrase, I'm talking straight up as in vertical lava. Because it has rained recently, Clark said it was better if we climb with nothing on our feet. Uh, ok. So we did. We listened to the resident expert, but when the last 15 feet or so looked like this? No way, slippers (sandals, flip flops, whatever you call them) or no slippers, there was no way I was going to risk life and limb.

I think this is a great shot from our highest vantage point, don't you?

Yah, yah, yah. Big shots! Look at their bare feet.

It started raining on the way back with Michelle and I in the first trip back. We sat in the car while Clark picked up everyone else, which was only one other trip because Brad and Neal swam behind the kayak most of the way. Anyways, Neal came running to the car telling Michelle and I that we needed to meet them at the kayak for a family picture with Chinaman's Hat in the background. This is my favorite picture of the whole trip. Love it!
See Laurel? We have another college graduate in the bunch. Laurel graduated from BYU-Idaho. I will fill you in on that little adventure soon.

Clark has a total "local" truck. See the two chairs bolted in the back ? Completely legit, as Clark would say.

This was the funnest day of the vacation for me.

I want to live there!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Ono Food

There are certain foods we like to eat while in Hawaii. Plate lunches are the best, manapuas are yummy, malasadas are tasty, and of course it has to be Hawaiian Sun drinks. Our family favorite, Orange Passion. Oh yah, forgot to mention musubi from the Kahuku store on the corner next to the place where they sell fresh Hawaiian Sweet bread and coco rice. Oh man, I just remembered that. It's like a thick chocolate milk with rice , made with coconut milk. I have got to find the recipe for that. Now that is ono . The only problem with this list is that we didn't get the malasadas nor the musubi, and we should not have had the shrimp from the shrimp stand.

What we were very happy about was the food at Kahuku Grill. Our friends, Art and Peggy Hannemann own and run the grill. This is where we should have had our shrimp. They sell Coco Shrimp and Garlic Shrimp. I had the Teri Chicken plate three times (don't ask me why I didn't get shrimp from here because I don't know. I guess teriyaki chicken trumps it all). That plate lunch takes me back to the days when I lived there in high school, going to the beach and then getting a plate lunch from the plate lunch truck afterwords. Yah, I could pretty much snap my fingers and go back in time. Just for certain moments though. Actually, some songs can put me right back to great times, I can almost feel what I felt back then. Pretty crazy.

" Hi Art, we love your food and especially Peggy's Coconut Chocolate Chip Banana Bread."
Actually I think it might be Chocolate Chip Coconut Banana Bread. Either way it is very good and I think I might even have the recipe from the good old days in CA.

Ok, this is one of Clark's favorite places to get the most amazing sandwich. Turkey Pesto on Herb and Cheese bread at the Waialua Bakery in Haleiwa. Clark and I had a few hours by ourselves while Neal was at Turtle Bay with the gang and Mark, Brad, Laurel, and Michelle went to the Buddhist Temple. We split the sandwich, split the banana bread pudding, and a berry smoothie. It was very good for sure, and I have to say I would get it again Clark.

Clark is just a chillin' and a eatin' and a readin'.

If you click on this picture there are quotes from customers that I thought was kind of fun.

You gotta click on this picture to really see what is important. See that meal? A plate lunch from Kahuku Grill and Hawaiian Sun drink. The perfect meal while in Hawaii. I really could eat that everyday.

This is where we should not have eaten. Not because it was a bad place , because these places are always busy, but because we got the wrong menu item. I wish I could remember what kind we got. Maybe the Spicy Shrimp?

See that pile of dark stuff on the shrimp? Garlic, pure garlic and too much garlic.

Here are the shrimp farmers bringing in their nets. We don't have these kinds of farmers here in Leavitt. Or Cardston. Or Lethbridge. Or Calgary. Or anywhere in Alberta, but you probably already knew that.