Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Graduation Day!

Crazy, crazy, crazy! Clark and Laurel graduated on the same day, in different states, and an ocean apart. Clark's graduation was on the morning of the 17th and Laurel's graduation was the evening of the 17th. So how could we attend both you ask? We divided and conquered. I flew with Neal to Hawaii and Mark drove down to Idaho. Brad and Michelle took their finals early so they were able to fly to Hawaii a few days early as well. We were all together in Hawaii for 10 glorious days in paradise after we all reunited on the Sunday following graduation. Did you know that I want to live there? Anyway, here is a slideshow of the two graduations. Enjoy!

Oh, Laurel graduated in Art and History Education and is now student teaching in Taylorsville, Utah at a Jr. High teaching Utah History and Art. So far so good.

Clark graduated in Political Science and is assisting with two research papers at BYU for a professor this semester and then time will tell. Clark also completed a Peace Building course, which along with his major, his time at the Jerusalem Center, and his great people skills, should help him find a profession that is the perfect fit for him.

Brad graduates from BYU in April and Michelle is in her 2nd year at BYU. Neal is in 9th grade and grows taller and his voice gets deeper every time we turn around. We are proud of Clark, Brad, Laurel, Michelle, and Neal. We love that they make good choices, love each other, and are becoming good, good people.

Hawaii anyone?


Marilou said...

Super cute video Lee Lee! Yea for Clark and Laurel! Congratulations you two!!!

Dixie Dee said...

Oh Ya!! Love the song with your slide show, Perfect! :)

Love the header picture, that is cool! Looks like everyone had a great time and accomplished Great things!

Good for you both Laurel and Clark!!
Enjoy those kids Laurel, they are the best part of teaching!
Clark, have fun and you'll do some interesting things in the next 30 to 40 yrs!! Congrats to both of you!! :)

USAUS said...

I felt quite teary watching this - we are so proud of you Clark and Laurel - an awesome achievement and now the world awaits your brilliance, but more importantly your great hearts!!! We can't wait to see what you make of your lives in the years ahead.

Kaylynn said...

Are you trying to bug your Dad again by saying that you want to live in Hawaii again? Loved the photo video. Awesome family!

Barb said...

Oh totally, started tearing up with the video! Wow can't even imagine what wonderful things those kids will do!