Friday, January 14, 2011

Modeling at Makapu'u & Other Interesting Sights

Ok. After church we did some sight seeing on our way home. What's funny about this statement is that on your way home from anywhere in Hawaii, is a sightseeing tour. Am I right? So. Hawaii Kai Chapel is on a corner of a main intersection that leads to Hanauma Bay, Sandy Beach, Makapu'u, and so on, so of course that is the way we went back to the North Shore. The scenic route. We decided to drive into the parking lot of Makapu'u to get a different view of the lighthouse, which was not as good as I thought it would be, but oh well, you just move on right? You take pictures of something different. Here goes.

Brad and Laurel.

Brad and Laurel.

Brad and Laurel.

Brad and Laurel.

Brad and Laurel. My favorite one. Brad's favorite one and also Laurel's favorite one. They are posing in front of a Heiau. Life in ancient Hawaii focused on propitiating the gods, and the various islands housed many types of temples invoking peace, war, health, or profitable fishing and farming. Chiefs and specific occupational groups, such as fishermen, practiced formalized worship in the heiau (place of worship). The heiau structure ranged from single houses surrounded by a wooden fence to stonewalled enclosures containing more than one house to the massive open-air temples with terraces, large stone platforms, and numerous carved idols in which ruling chiefs paid homage to the major Hawaiian gods. A history lesson for you thanks to

Interesting sight #1

We have had our eye on this house since our first trip with the kids about 6 years ago. It is just down the road from a secret opening to the back end of Bellows in Waimanalo. Tourists don't know about this spot because you have to live in Hawaii to know where it is. Me and Lou Lou would go here alot because the waves were just right for body surfing. But you gotta watch out because when it is rainy you can get stung by a Man-o-War, a type of jelly fish. Never happened to me. So back to the house. The first time we saw this the people were in the middle of building it and we noticed it, or should I say, Mark noticed it because of the shake roof. The owners were nice enough to give us a little tour. The gate was open this go around so I took this picture. It's very cool. It has been featured in magazines.

Interesting site #2

I think they call this a fan palm. Brad thought this was pretty dang cool. Oh, fans are cool, they cool you down. Fan palm. Weird.

Interesting sight #3

Look what we found on the very end of Portlock Road in Hawaii Kai near Spitting Cave (that is a point you jump off of. Clark has done this and come to think of it, Lou Lou's old boyfriend, Steven, has probably done that too). The Bounty Hunter lives here. Can you believe that gate? It is probably made out of Koa wood which would be crazy. It could be Teak though, too. Whatever, I love it.

Interesting sight #4

Mark and Marilee kissing like it's 1981!

PS. There is an Interesting sight #5
Jaguar is all I can say. hahahahahaha................inside joke for some of us, sorry.


Marilou said...

I know the joke and I am NOT going to tell! There are some things that you just DON"T talk about or even repeat for that matter!
The modelling pictures are SO cute BTW Brad and Laurel!
Once again.....nice post Lee lee.

USAUS said...

A little racy end to the posting... you go girl!

Laurel Lee said...

ok ok ok oooookkkkkk you were only supposed to show that last one! see, brad actually looks like a model when he poses...i look like i have a social disorder. but good post. why didn't you take a picture of that last interesting sight again? shucks.

Barb said...

That bounty hunter guys scares me to death. I will dream about that house to night. And of course the models were dreamy!!

Dixie Dee said...

Yes, yes very interesting indeed!! Love the models, Brad is definite GQ material,and Laurel is rather stunning! Channel here she comes!
Great photography M!
Love the scenic route in Hawaii too. I love it that I actually know some of the places that you blog about!!
Great Blog Marilee!

Dixie Dee said...
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Kaylynn said...

I love seeing the pictures. Maybe you could be snow birds and live in Canada in the summer and Hawaii in the winter.

Adrianne said...

Your blog is my favorite! Come visit me in Scotland for the purposes of blogging about it. It's really miserable and rainy. Yay!

Kari said...

Awesome photos as usual, Marilee! I like the very cool house, and the Bounty Hunter sign. I can also imagine the caption on the photo where Laurel and Brad have their backs to us...Laurel looks down at her shoe "I think I just stepped in gum," and Brad is thinking "if I could just have enough gas to get us back to Hana..." I am green with envy! Hawaii is pretty close to heaven, in my book.

Michelle Joyce said...

Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww MOM!!