Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Twins Ski

Nope. Not the twins I'm thinking of, but they do look an awful lot alike.

Lou Lou drove out on Thursday for our weekly visit and we had our usual fun. It really doesn't matter what we do, it is always fun. Todays' activity was to go cross-country skiing in Waterton. They have a great trail near Cameron Lake that is groomed and always ready to go, plus ski rentals are just 15 bucks a day. Maybe one of these days/years I will invest in a set of my own.

I have only been cross-country skiing 2x before so I am still pretty focused on the ground in front of me. When I ride horses, I do the same thing. I look straight in front of me instead of looking ahead at a certain target.

You will never guess where this picture was taken from.

Yep, from the ground. Me on my back to be exact. If your skis get out of the groomed trail then sometimes this happens. At least it does with me.

Here are the twins! Twin jackets, can you tell?

The beauty of nature.

And we did a puzzle. There is a story behind this puzzle.

My mother used to do puzzles. She loved them and it looks like we are now carrying on that little hobby. You might notice though, that the puzzles we are working on are exactly the same. My parents have had three different schipperke dogs through out their marriage and each one was named Satch. Satch Hatch. Anyway, their last schipperke they had in Lincoln, Montana about 10-15 years ago was not the most friendly dog. A little protective you might say. A little nippy. A little annoyed with our children. A little territorial. He was not the favorite dog of the bunch that they had for sure. So anyways, a few Christmas's ago, my father thought it was a great idea to give LouLou and I a puzzle of a schipperke and today we decided to get them out and make our father chuckle.

Twins in twin shirts doing twin puzzles. Weird.


Dad said...

Two perfect Daughters and a pretty good dog....Sorta......

Marilou said...

Yah....sorta. Just a "little"! Ha!

Fun post Lee lee. I need to turn my head in pictures though because I am looking a "little" heavy-ish.

That was a fun day. One of the best visits I would say.
A trip to the second hand store for more puzzles would have topped it off very nicely wouldn't you say?

There's always another days ahead and that is the best part of all!

Marilou said...
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Kari said...

Hi, Marilee--

I just looked at your profile picture and I TOTALLY saw Michelle and Neal! Facial expressions, eyes, mouth...whatever it was, there they were!

Thanks for posting photos. Cross-country skiing is a lot of work! I'll live that one vicariously through you.

mama jo said...

well, that's what twins do....dress alike...i once saw a pair of twins in their 70's at costco, dressed exactly alike from hair to shoes and'll always have fun together!

Dixie Dee said...

Fun post! Looks like a great day in Waterton, good for the twins!!
We need more warm winter weather like that don't we? Did you race completing the puzzle? Who won? Umm.. I wonder??

Kaylynn said...

I had the same question as Dixie - who won the puzzle contest?
The skiing pictures are awesome, too.

Michelle Joyce said...

So I've thought about it Mom, and I AM ready to move back home and do fun things with you all day everyday. Feel free to purchase a plane ticket?!

Laurel Lee said...

hahaha this post made me happy. and you can go ahead and purchase two plane tickets; i'll be coming with michelle.

Barb said...

OHHH this made me miss my sisters, every Thursday I am so jealous!

Laurel Lee said...

can i come next time? please?

Laurel Lee said...

all i want to be doing right now is x country skiing with ma mom and pou pou. i mean lou lou. sorry.