Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Marriott School of Business

I am including another post on Brad's business model for journaling purposes. This article was in the Marriott School of Business news release.

Business Model Competition Shows New Approach to Entrepreneurship
Feb 11 2011

Business Model Competition finalists meet with judges Steve Blank and Nathan Furr and Rollins Center directors Scott Peterson and Steve LiddlePROVO, Utah – Feb 11, 2011 – Some entrepreneurs plan their businesses from behind desks. But a new wave of thought, captured in the first international Business Model Competition, challenges entrepreneurs to test their assumptions in the field before committing them to a business plan. The competition, sponsored by the Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology at Brigham Young University, culminated with teams of students presenting their innovative findings to a panel of accomplished professionals.

Business Model Competition finalists meet with judges Steve Blank and Nathan Furr and Rollins Center directors Scott Peterson and Steve Liddle

"What started here today is something unique for entrepreneurship worldwide," says Steve Blank, famed entrepreneur and BMC judge. "It was breathtaking to see every one of these teams get out of the building and test their hypotheses instead of guessing what a business is like."

A business model is different from the more familiar business plan because it focuses on internal factors and the evolving process of establishing a business. The inaugural year of the Business Model Competition brought 45 entries from student teams around the nation and the world. The four finalists presented before a live audience at the final event, where they were judged on creativity and how well their model addressed potential customers' needs.

The grand prize and $15,000 was awarded to a pair of American University undergraduates for their social gaming website Gamegnat. Their site creates a central location for gaming information and provides gamers with a streamlined approach to connecting with their peers.

Brad Cahoon, founder and CEO of Kalood, presents at the Business Model Competition. Kalood won second place and the audience choice award.

A grand total of nearly $50,000 was awarded to the final four student teams, three of which were comprised of Marriott School students. Second place and the audience choice award were given to customer texting service Kalood. Third and fourth places were awarded to campus dining innovator MealDrop and restaurant service program TextWaiter, respectively.

Nathan Furr, a Marriott School entrepreneurship professor and BMC judge, says he was pleased with the quality of entries and the teams' unique entrepreneurial perspectives. "This is a competition where we're rewarding student entrepreneurs who have gone through this new approach of quickly testing their business assumptions in the field instead of just planning. These teams are the future of entrepreneurship,"

The Marriott School is located at Brigham Young University, the largest privately owned, church-sponsored university in the United States. The school has nationally recognized programs in accounting, business management, public management, information systems and entrepreneurship. The school's mission is to prepare men and women of faith, character and professional ability for positions of leadership throughout the world. Approximately 3,000 students are enrolled in the Marriott School's graduate and undergraduate programs.

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Writer: Michelle Treasure

Friday, February 11, 2011

Clark Needs Your Help/Vote

This is from Clark. He would love your help so please read below.

Dear Family and friends,

Some good friends of mine and I are starting a non-profit organization in Israel/Palestine that connects youth from both cultures in an outdoor wilderness survival program similar to what Anasazi does in Arizona. It has a proven rate of effectiveness that we feel will work in the Middle East as well.

I have spent my college experience getting to know the conflict in that region through studying Political Science , Conflict Resolution, and even doing a study abroad in Jerusalem. If you could take the time to follow a few simple steps and vote on the Dell Social Innovation website it would mean a great deal to me. It will take about 30 seconds of your time and will have huge potential in allowing myself and my close friends work towards accomplishing our goal of getting this project off the ground. Your support will be greatly appreciated and have huge implications.

If you could also forward this message to as many people you can, it would mean a lot to me. I know mass messages and forwarding emails may be awkward for some of you, but your help will really go a long way. Here are the steps you can take to help this project get funded. I hope all of you are doing well and this message finds you having a great day.

Vote for WALKING SALEM. This is a wilderness based peacebuilding program focused on helping youth in Israel/Palestine. Each vote is worth ten and the winner of the competition is awarded $50,000 to start their project. Registering and voting only takes about 30 seconds! Shown below are the simple steps in order to vote, its as easy as 1,2,3. Thank you so much, we cannot do this without you! You can vote once for every email account you have.

Step 1: Go To -

Step 2: Register – Registering is a two step 30 second process. It’s on the right side of the webpage that says: Register Now>

Step 3: Login and search – Walking Salem than click VOTE! (The search bar is in the top right corner of the page)


Thank you so much!

-Clark Reynolds Cahoon

P.S. Feel free to join our facebook event here:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Mountain View Grizzlies

Neal goes to Mountain View School in Mountain View. The school is about a 10 minute drive from home which is 10 minutes closer to Waterton National Park. He really does have a sweet view from his school. Mountain View has a church, a couple of bed and breakfast places, a ma & pa general store with a gas station and motel rooms. And if you buy an ice cream cone from the Barn Store you get quite the bang for your buck. Most of the kids that go to Mountain View school either live in Leavitt or Mountain View. It's a small school. Maybe 8-12 kids per grade, maybe. It is a K-9 school. What's great about this school is that all the kids play all the sports, pretty much. Volleyball, basketball, and badminton. Neal has played on all the teams since 6th grade. Sometimes the teams are all one grade or sometimes the grades are mixed. It just depends on the students in a given grade in a given year. This year Neal's team for these sports are made up of 8th and 9th graders. Now if you live in Cardston there are tryouts for the sports teams, but not in Mountain View, everyone plays because they need everyone to form a team. So there's the background for these parts concerning sports. Just look what our boys pulled off today.......

Today was the final game for the division. The Mountain View team took first place today after heading into the finals undefeated. Now we play for zone champion. That will be in early March.

Shucks, it's blurry. Mark is the assistant coach so he got a winning medal also. They don't give out trophies here which I am glad about. I still have boxes of trophies from the other kids and really now, what do I do with them?

The winners holding the new team ball. Neat prize. They are all going to sign it at the team party on saturday. It's going to be here and they will be watching the BYU game then eating and playing ping pong. Should be fun. It is a nice group of boys!

The final score was 63-83. Look at all of the points Neal made. If Neal's name was, say, Luke or Larry or Landon, they would call him Layup Luke or Layup Larry or Layup Landon. He is really great with the breakaways and those under the basket layups. Love watching him do those. He got a really great "3" today too. Go Go Grizzlies!!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Here is a an explanation of Kalood in Brad's words. I figured he could explain it much better than I ever could.

Kalood is a social platform that allows customers (users) to browse, collaborate with friends and receive notifications for when items, services, or events they're interested in are discounted. The website will help with deal discovery and allow for greater interaction and buyer power for those who use it. Basically, you click "watch" on things you like and we tell you when that thing(s) is discounted. And it's free.

On the backend of the website, Kalood is providing analytics to the retailers who sign up so that they can gauge consumer interest, discount accordingly while increasing store and product visibility. Cool right?

Sign up at

Recommend us to friends and get an invite for our private beta testing.

If you have any more questions, call me at 805.390.1360. Or leave a message with my secretary at 805.390.1360

Brad Cahoon - Founder, CEO - Kalood

Kalood wants you!