Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Here is a an explanation of Kalood in Brad's words. I figured he could explain it much better than I ever could.

Kalood is a social platform that allows customers (users) to browse, collaborate with friends and receive notifications for when items, services, or events they're interested in are discounted. The website will help with deal discovery and allow for greater interaction and buyer power for those who use it. Basically, you click "watch" on things you like and we tell you when that thing(s) is discounted. And it's free.

On the backend of the website, Kalood is providing analytics to the retailers who sign up so that they can gauge consumer interest, discount accordingly while increasing store and product visibility. Cool right?

Sign up at

Recommend us to friends and get an invite for our private beta testing.

If you have any more questions, call me at 805.390.1360. Or leave a message with my secretary at 805.390.1360

Brad Cahoon - Founder, CEO - Kalood

Kalood wants you!


Barb said...

Alright Brad but is it Canadian or American or does it matter? And we are so proud of you!!

Marilou said...

Oh, Brad! You are so funny. You have a secretary??

I tried signing up but it's only for those who live in the States. That's okay. I'm fine. Really.

Good luck!!!!!

Kaylynn said...

What a coincidence that his phone number is the same as his secretary's phone number. It sounds awesome. Good luck to Brad.

Brad said...

I hear the secretary is pretty cool too...

Marilou said...

Your cool Brad! One in the same perhaps?

Kristin said...

WAy to GO Brad!

Laurel Lee said...

hahaha oh what a proud mama

Dixie Dee said...

Good work Mr Bradly!!
Pay that secretary well! Secretaries make the CEO look good more times than not!!