Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Last week Neal had the week off from school so we headed to Utah to visit the kids. It was a busy week with a lot of juggling of schedules but we did manage to be all together for one fun night. When I say all, I really do mean all. Just stick with me, you'll see.

When we lived down the street from In & Out, I rarely went. I don't know, it just never really sounded good to me. But while in Utah? we went three times! And all three times I ordered the protein burger ( meat is wrapped in lettuce, no bun), a chocolate shake and fries. MMMMMMmmmmmmm!!

Danece and Niels live in Syracuse so we stayed there for a couple of nights and had a fun time visiting, as always. They have a horse that Abby and Emma ride and show so on our way to Provo we stopped by the stables to see how horses live in the city. Very, very different than around these parts, that is for sure.

Emma is a tiny thing and she just loves these big animals. Emma always has a smile on her face.

"Hi Emma, you're doing a great job".

Just because family comes to visit does not mean the studying stops. Laurel had papers to grade and Michelle had tests to study for. This of course is break time.

Brad is working on his business plan that he presented in Cincinnati a few days after we got there. He didn't make it to the finals, but he managed to win the consolation prize. He had 10 minutes in a limo with an Angel investor to pitch his pitch and apparently they loved it so much that he won 1000 buckaroos. Go Brad.

I know this picture is dark, but I was focusing on the building behind Brad and Laurel. That is where I lived while I was at BYU. Regency Apartments. This is where Mark and I met....ahhhhh.

Love Julia's bangs!

A trip to Provo wouldn't be complete without a BYU basketball game. We bought tickets online 9 days before the game and we ended up way at the tippy top on benches. I thought the seats would be awful, but it was nice and cool way up there and since we had the last row we had the wall to lean against. We had quite the overall view too.

See the "jimmered" sign on the screen? It is Jimmer mania there at BYU.

Is he gonna make the shot?

Yea, Jimmer made the shot. Way to cheer him on Laurel and Michelle!

See? What did I tell you? We were ALL together. Clark happened to be coming to the mainland the same time we were going to be in Utah to be in a friends wedding in CA. He caught a ride to Utah and here we are together again, the only few hours in fact.

While in Utah we decided to take a quick trip to St. George and visit daddy (hi daddy). He is a volunteer guide at the Dino Tracks there so we were lucky to get a free guided tour. It is very small, but pretty good for it's size.

Daddy doing his thing.

Neal is standing beside a T-Rex foot print. Kinda cool.

Neal and his grandpa.

My mother was a volunteer at the old hospital in St. George and passed away while the new one was being built. Because everyone loved her so much, a fund was set up and all the money donated went to a bench dedicated to her for her many many hours of service. Here it is right by the emergency room entrance of the new hospital.

We had pretty good weather while in Utah which always makes for a better trip right? And boy were we glad we were not home. The weather in Alberta was in the negative, very very negative and the wind? I guess with all the blowing snow and frigid temperatures it was downright awful.


Katie Wood said...

This was super cute! Ha I had on a big smile as I read through all of this. I loved all your pictures and super jealous of the nice weather. What a fun trip!

Marilou said...

Okay. I really liked this post as I do all of your posts.
1.Didn't know that Michelle had glasses. They are really cute Michellle!
2. Loved seeing Neal in Caleb's "old" hoodies!
3. Clark I love that picture of you with your sister's. I think it's the best pic ever!
4. Laurel I really like you hair. I really do!
5. Brad you rock AND roll!

Looks like you did lots of fun stuff while being together. And I love that Daddy(hi Daddy)is in this post. But I really loved seeing that bench at the end of the post! Hard to believe that it was 8 years ago today that mommy has been gone isn't it? We miss her alot.

Marilou said...

It is 8 years tomorrow. Not today. Maybe I got mixed up because 3 was her favorite number. Did you even know that?

Michelle Joyce said...

Fun! I wish we could have spent more time together, but it was still great. Can't wait for the next visit!

Dixie Dee said...

Love seeing how "other" horses live. That looked like a VERY nice Barn. Love the pics and the post too M. I know I would have stayed in St.George if I could have, it's still not very nice here!! Nice there though and good for you guys!! Such cools kids doing such neat things!! Way to go Gang!! :)

Laurel Lee said...

yay! i loved it. good post. could you send me all those photos you didn't put on the post? oh, i know! join facebook and just put the photos on there! ehh ehhhh?

Kaylynn said...

I didn't know you did a "little" side trip to St. George. I guess close is all in perspective. That is a really cool bench.

And you were way up there at the BYU game. Looks like you still had fun, and the picture of the whole family there is awesome!

becca olsen said...

so fun! THat is really neat about the bench dedicated to your mom!

Kari said...

And you didn't come to see me??????