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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ski Whitefish Montana

Chris and Lou Lou invited Neal and I to meet them in Kalispell and go skiing on Friday. They were picking up the flooring they had ordered a couple of weeks ago and decided to make a trip out of it. It took me a good long time to make up my mind, but am glad that I decided to go. I had only gone skiing once before and that was last year. It was fun last year, but when I got to thinking about skiing again I got all insecure. The thought of driving to the United States in my car listening to XM, eating out and doing some shopping was what interested me more. I know, odd.

This historic hotel in downtown Kalispell was a neat little find. Lou Lou found it online and with a $25 discount it was worth the stay.

The twins. Yah, we are wearing twin clothes. We know that. It was not planned. I probably should do a "twin posting" one of these days. Lately it seems that poor Lou Lou is getting confused with me or for me. People think she is me and I'm telling you, it happens in the darndest places.

This is the breakfast bar area. Lou Lou was feeling a little spunky so she decided to feed this moose some food.....

give him a drink......

then wipe his mouth.

Here we are. Oh wait, it looks like I am heading off to do something fun with my camera. It can take three shots every few seconds.

Look closely, you can see me behind the group.

Now, I'm standing beside Chris. Yah, I know. How old am I again?

Ok. You might be wondering why I am shaking hands with the boot fitter guy. Well, I'll tell you why. Since this was only my second time skiing I wasn't super sure on how the boots were suppose to fit. I could barely get them on so I thought maybe they were too small. He told me they should fit like a really hard handshake. I shook his hand and at that moment I knew my boots were a perfect fit.

Just Neal and I.

Here we are on the first lift ride of the day. Picture perfect day all morning long. Sunny and slightly cool.

Neal is a super star on the that snowboard. He has gone snowboarding 6 times, at four different resorts and two different countries. I guess that would make him an international snowboarder. Chris took him down one of the steepest slopes and he rocked it. Black Diamond run!

Me on the ground? Par for the course as you know. I did fall a few times, on purpose and not so on purpose. Lou Lou and Dixie said I did a face plant on one of the falls. Actually, it was quite the wipeout. I flipped and tumbled and my skis popped off. I was fine.

I have to admit that after lunch I was totally content to stay off my skis for the remainder of the day and never go skiing again. Really. But after an additional hour long break I was ready to try again. Lou Lou took me on a more level-ish slope and I did just fine. Now? Sure, I'll go skiing again.

Neal loves his aunty too.

Neck lock. Nice Neal.

Last run of the day. Good Times.

Side note: Mark is in Utah helping Brad with Kalood. If you haven't signed up yet, you better hurry. You only have a matter of days left to be a part of the beta launch next month. Go here to be a part of something big.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Daily Universe

An article about Brad/Kalood is in the Daily Universe ( BYU Newspaper) this morning. As a mother, I have to admit that it did bring a tear to my eye. It didn't trickle down my face or anything cuz that might be a bit much. That's my boy Brad, the boy who always tried to get out of yard work and chores. I know, it's hard to believe, but it is as true as true can be. Just ask him.

The article explains what Kalood is and how it works. The launch date is March 30 if all goes as planned. If you have already signed up, you will get an email (US phone numbers only) otherwise you can sign up here. I have seen the site ( I have an "in") and it is pretty cool.

The definition:
kalood [kuh-lood]
Beautifully acting together to achieve a brilliant, fresh, or divine purpose; conspire.

How to use in a sentence:
"I kalooded with my friends and we convinced the Utah Jazz to give us 50% off lower bowl tickets to tonight’s game."

So there you have it. Kalood.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Clark R Cahoon

FACEBOOK Status yesterday.

Clark Reynolds Cahoon
"Our SIFE team won at Regionals and will now be heading to Nationals in Minnesota this May."

My reply through email.

"My goodness the Cahoon Boys get around in the competition world. Congratulations on your team winning. Minnesota huh? That's pretty neat-o Clark. Were you able to get in on the night? The man in the wings is an important place to be Clark. That's exciting."

Clark's reply.

"Thanks mom. I wasn't part of the actual presentation but I have been putting a lot of time in to it. I am on the team but one of the alternates, a back up in case something happens to one of the actual presenters. I have been practicing with them and going over the script over and over again till it was perfect. It was such a good presentation. I think it will be recorded next week when we do it in front of the school. My role has been to work with the team on memorizing. I sit behind the judges and point to each person who will be speaking next, setting up the projector and computer, and I also helped put the script together for the Mozo project part of the presentation that I am a project leader for."

A video on the Mozo project.

"I love working on this project. I'm glad I have been able to be around to see things come together with it. It's an added bonus to have been asked to be a part of the presentation team too. It's been great." Clark

Cannot wait to see how Clark and Brad do with their upcoming competitions. Crazy I tell you! Ca-Ra-Zy.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Is Just Around The Corner

I know that Spring is close. Not because it is March. Not because the snow is melting, again. Not because there are flowers blooming. Spring is near because there was a sighting of something great and wonderful, right outside my kitchen window in my neighbors field. You guessed it. The gophers are coming, the gophers are coming. And watch out, the twins are gonna take that gopher hunting contest this year. Ok, well at least do better than 8th place. Whatever. The only girl team is gonna rock though, that's for sure.

Remember now, gopher hunting in these parts is a good thing. It is a necessary part of life here in the country. It's what Lou Lou and I can do to help this land repair and recover so the livestock can stay safe. It's what we gotta do for the environment. It's almost like saving the spotted owl, it's like..........ok, we do it for fun. And really, when Lou Lou uses her new pink gun she got for Christmas, how can that not be fun?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


After winning divisionals last month, Neal's basketball team was able to play at zones, which was last weekend. The tournament was held in Burdett, a half an hour east of Lethbridge and two hours from home. Burdett is a small community with a post office, I think a cafe, and a few abandoned buildings, but more interesting is that Mexican Mennonites live and farm there. Really wanted to go to one of their restaurants but they were closed on Saturday. Maybe someday we can take the drive and see what they serve. Anyway, the boys did great and ended up placing 2nd. With a team made up of the only abled bodies 8th and 9th graders they did a super duper job.

The team last year ended up in 2nd place for zones too so this year was a hard loss. They really wanted the win and to "bring home the banner" for the school. You can see a bit of a banner on the left side of this picture.

We stayed at Lou Lou's house on Friday which was nice, real nice. We walked in after the game on Friday and she had dinner ready for us and on Saturday she made pancakes and sausage. Eagan Bed & Breakfast is a place I could go to lots. Thanks Lou Lou!

Poor Neal woke up at 5am on Saturday morning with a migraine which always keeps him down for a day or two, but the minute we walked into the school, just like that, a couple of the moms took matters into their own hands. Beth did some reflexology magic along with some chiropractic work, and Kristen had some essential oil for headaches, so between the two of them Neal was up and running ( I know, can you imagine running with a headache?) in time for the 2nd half of the 2nd game. They won the game which enabled them to play for the title.

All smiles, that boy Neal.

Don't let this photo fool you. These boys were S.A.D. sad. They were faking their smiles for the cameras.

The girls team was also in zones and were playing just 30 minutes away so after their game was over (they got 4th place out of 8 teams) they skidaddled over to the watch the boys play. These kids really love each other. Small schools and communities will do that to kids. It's nice. All these girls are in our ward and two of them are my Mia Maids. (yep, they pulled me from RS to YW)

See that ball in mid air? It was bouncing while I took the picture. Funny.

We had a fun weekend because we love watching our kids do just about anything from sports to singing to acting to business competitions, to graduating, to speaking in church, to teaching Sunday School to just about anything.

Now on to badminton!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Last week Neal had the week off from school so we headed to Utah to visit the kids. It was a busy week with a lot of juggling of schedules but we did manage to be all together for one fun night. When I say all, I really do mean all. Just stick with me, you'll see.

When we lived down the street from In & Out, I rarely went. I don't know, it just never really sounded good to me. But while in Utah? we went three times! And all three times I ordered the protein burger ( meat is wrapped in lettuce, no bun), a chocolate shake and fries. MMMMMMmmmmmmm!!

Danece and Niels live in Syracuse so we stayed there for a couple of nights and had a fun time visiting, as always. They have a horse that Abby and Emma ride and show so on our way to Provo we stopped by the stables to see how horses live in the city. Very, very different than around these parts, that is for sure.

Emma is a tiny thing and she just loves these big animals. Emma always has a smile on her face.

"Hi Emma, you're doing a great job".

Just because family comes to visit does not mean the studying stops. Laurel had papers to grade and Michelle had tests to study for. This of course is break time.

Brad is working on his business plan that he presented in Cincinnati a few days after we got there. He didn't make it to the finals, but he managed to win the consolation prize. He had 10 minutes in a limo with an Angel investor to pitch his pitch and apparently they loved it so much that he won 1000 buckaroos. Go Brad.

I know this picture is dark, but I was focusing on the building behind Brad and Laurel. That is where I lived while I was at BYU. Regency Apartments. This is where Mark and I met....ahhhhh.

Love Julia's bangs!

A trip to Provo wouldn't be complete without a BYU basketball game. We bought tickets online 9 days before the game and we ended up way at the tippy top on benches. I thought the seats would be awful, but it was nice and cool way up there and since we had the last row we had the wall to lean against. We had quite the overall view too.

See the "jimmered" sign on the screen? It is Jimmer mania there at BYU.

Is he gonna make the shot?

Yea, Jimmer made the shot. Way to cheer him on Laurel and Michelle!

See? What did I tell you? We were ALL together. Clark happened to be coming to the mainland the same time we were going to be in Utah to be in a friends wedding in CA. He caught a ride to Utah and here we are together again, the only few hours in fact.

While in Utah we decided to take a quick trip to St. George and visit daddy (hi daddy). He is a volunteer guide at the Dino Tracks there so we were lucky to get a free guided tour. It is very small, but pretty good for it's size.

Daddy doing his thing.

Neal is standing beside a T-Rex foot print. Kinda cool.

Neal and his grandpa.

My mother was a volunteer at the old hospital in St. George and passed away while the new one was being built. Because everyone loved her so much, a fund was set up and all the money donated went to a bench dedicated to her for her many many hours of service. Here it is right by the emergency room entrance of the new hospital.

We had pretty good weather while in Utah which always makes for a better trip right? And boy were we glad we were not home. The weather in Alberta was in the negative, very very negative and the wind? I guess with all the blowing snow and frigid temperatures it was downright awful.