Thursday, March 17, 2011

Clark R Cahoon

FACEBOOK Status yesterday.

Clark Reynolds Cahoon
"Our SIFE team won at Regionals and will now be heading to Nationals in Minnesota this May."

My reply through email.

"My goodness the Cahoon Boys get around in the competition world. Congratulations on your team winning. Minnesota huh? That's pretty neat-o Clark. Were you able to get in on the night? The man in the wings is an important place to be Clark. That's exciting."

Clark's reply.

"Thanks mom. I wasn't part of the actual presentation but I have been putting a lot of time in to it. I am on the team but one of the alternates, a back up in case something happens to one of the actual presenters. I have been practicing with them and going over the script over and over again till it was perfect. It was such a good presentation. I think it will be recorded next week when we do it in front of the school. My role has been to work with the team on memorizing. I sit behind the judges and point to each person who will be speaking next, setting up the projector and computer, and I also helped put the script together for the Mozo project part of the presentation that I am a project leader for."

A video on the Mozo project.

"I love working on this project. I'm glad I have been able to be around to see things come together with it. It's an added bonus to have been asked to be a part of the presentation team too. It's been great." Clark

Cannot wait to see how Clark and Brad do with their upcoming competitions. Crazy I tell you! Ca-Ra-Zy.


Marilou said...

Clark, that's a great project. You sure look natural up there at the podium and white board on the video. Ever think about becoming a teacher? You would be totally great at that. Really!

Dixie Dee said...

Wow, the Cahoon boys are out there doing IT!! Good for you Clark! Can't wait to see what's next for the Cahoon's! Great stuff everyone!!

USAUS said...

Ah... mothers' pay days... when the investments mature! Awesome goings on on the other side of the border!

Brad said...

I think Cahoon is a synonym to competition. I also heard "clark" means "wins competitions" in hebrew. Weird.

Barb said...

Tell Clark he looked dreamy in the video! tee hee. Your Family is crazy Marilee! Seriously how do you and Mark not just walk around telling everyone how awesome your kids are???