Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ski Whitefish Montana

Chris and Lou Lou invited Neal and I to meet them in Kalispell and go skiing on Friday. They were picking up the flooring they had ordered a couple of weeks ago and decided to make a trip out of it. It took me a good long time to make up my mind, but am glad that I decided to go. I had only gone skiing once before and that was last year. It was fun last year, but when I got to thinking about skiing again I got all insecure. The thought of driving to the United States in my car listening to XM, eating out and doing some shopping was what interested me more. I know, odd.

This historic hotel in downtown Kalispell was a neat little find. Lou Lou found it online and with a $25 discount it was worth the stay.

The twins. Yah, we are wearing twin clothes. We know that. It was not planned. I probably should do a "twin posting" one of these days. Lately it seems that poor Lou Lou is getting confused with me or for me. People think she is me and I'm telling you, it happens in the darndest places.

This is the breakfast bar area. Lou Lou was feeling a little spunky so she decided to feed this moose some food.....

give him a drink......

then wipe his mouth.

Here we are. Oh wait, it looks like I am heading off to do something fun with my camera. It can take three shots every few seconds.

Look closely, you can see me behind the group.

Now, I'm standing beside Chris. Yah, I know. How old am I again?

Ok. You might be wondering why I am shaking hands with the boot fitter guy. Well, I'll tell you why. Since this was only my second time skiing I wasn't super sure on how the boots were suppose to fit. I could barely get them on so I thought maybe they were too small. He told me they should fit like a really hard handshake. I shook his hand and at that moment I knew my boots were a perfect fit.

Just Neal and I.

Here we are on the first lift ride of the day. Picture perfect day all morning long. Sunny and slightly cool.

Neal is a super star on the that snowboard. He has gone snowboarding 6 times, at four different resorts and two different countries. I guess that would make him an international snowboarder. Chris took him down one of the steepest slopes and he rocked it. Black Diamond run!

Me on the ground? Par for the course as you know. I did fall a few times, on purpose and not so on purpose. Lou Lou and Dixie said I did a face plant on one of the falls. Actually, it was quite the wipeout. I flipped and tumbled and my skis popped off. I was fine.

I have to admit that after lunch I was totally content to stay off my skis for the remainder of the day and never go skiing again. Really. But after an additional hour long break I was ready to try again. Lou Lou took me on a more level-ish slope and I did just fine. Now? Sure, I'll go skiing again.

Neal loves his aunty too.

Neck lock. Nice Neal.

Last run of the day. Good Times.

Side note: Mark is in Utah helping Brad with Kalood. If you haven't signed up yet, you better hurry. You only have a matter of days left to be a part of the beta launch next month. Go here to be a part of something big.


Kaylynn said...

I love reading your posts. You tell a great story. I can hear your voice saying the words you type. Looks like a super fun ski trip. Nice handshake:)

Dixie Dee said...

Love the post! Good times had by all! Pretty tricky camera getting a self portrait on the lift!:) Can all cameras do that?

Really? You like shopping and XM radio? Who knew? :)

Kari said...

Nice photos as usual, Marilee! What a beautiful day for spring skiing. Makes me a little jealous!

Marilou said...

Great post Lee Lee. I just hope I can tell a good story like you did with the pictures that I took.

I had forgotten about the pictures of me feeding that Moose! So funny. And I kind of look like I have a mullet! Ick.

Anonymous said...

Heard at the entrance to the Grand Hotel in Kalispell:
"Hey Marcie, Yup, they are Twins! You owe me $20!"

Shayla said...

Looks like so much fun!
I love the look of that quaint little hotel. I'll have to watch for it next time we head down to Kalispell.

Barb said...

Oh I want to go to to Kalispell, but I have to tell not the biggest skiing fan either, use to love it as a kid not so much anymore?? Love the pictures.

USAUS said...

wow - 7 comments Lee Lee! Here's the 8th - looks like a wonderful, glorious day!

Dad said...

HOO BOY, Lee Lee. What great pictures of mny two perfect daughters. (and others)

Michelle Joyce said...

Super fun! Love those photos of Lou and the Moose!

Laurel Lee said...

i have to search for neal in photos now, he is so tall!! and i, too, love the photos of lou lou feeding the moose. you guys are weird but i guess i like you anyway.

Laurel Lee Cahoon said...

hahaha i cant stop myself from laughing out loud when i see those photos of lou lou feeding the moose. hahaha you guyyyyssss

Christie said...

You guys are so funny! Love the post.