Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Clark!

Twenty-Eight years ago today I had my first baby when I was 22 years old.
Clark Reynolds Cahoon. (still really love his name)

Loves music. Loves adventure. Loves reading. Loves extended family. Loves photography. Loves good times with friends. Loves hiking. Loves Canada. Loves t-shirts. Loves being organized. Loves history. Loves thrift stores. Loves basketball. Loves good food. Loves gopher hunting. Loves to travel. Loves the creek. Loves his mom, his dad, his brother Bradley, his sister Laurel, his sister Michelle and his brother Neal.
And we all love you Clark!


Dad said...

And Grandpa Hatch was 52!! Happy Birthday, Clark

Mark said...

Great Pic Marilee, and I was only 26! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLARK...LOVE DAD

USAUS said...

And I was just a baby... Happy Birthday Clark! May it be an awesome year filled with endless adventure and success.

Brad said...

...and I was singing the theme song to Saturday's Warrior. Happy Birthday!!! We love you!

Laurel Lee Cahoon said...

hahahaha best comments ever.


Happy Birthday!!

Marilou said...

Happy Birthday Clark.

Thank you for being born because of you I met Chris!!!
Hope you had a super great birthday!

PS I was 22 also. Duh!

Clark said...

Thank you mother dearest. What a nice post. Brad's comment had me rolling. SO FUNNY. I love you all. I had a great day. Thanks!

Barb said...

Happy Birthday, I am terrible excited over your prospects for the year ahead, to finish something so grand only to find something even better to do!

Hope you had a great birthday and hope you have even a better year!