Monday, April 11, 2011

Ranch Hand

There is a lot of work to do on a ranch. A ranch with 300 cows. A ranch with 300 pregnant cows. A ranch with 300 pregnant cows having calves.

Look at the view from the barn door. Is this not a spectacular vision? Those momma cows are having baby calves regularly. Like 5 or so, give or take, a day. That is where a ranch hand comes in mighty handy. Those babies need earrings. Big plastic ones with numbers on them.

Now this momma was just fine with having her babies ear pierced. No problem at all. Can you see the family resemblance?

Oh, that reminds me of a funny story. Do you want to hear an ear piercing story from back in the day, like 1972? Lou Lou and I begged to get our ears pierced when we were 12 years old. Begged and begged and begged. Our parents were really not excited about it, but some parents give in to things, weird. So anyways, we get our ears pierced. Fine and dandy right? That night......." Leeeeee Leeeeeee, I don't know if I want my ears pierced anymore. Do you?" You guessed it. We both took our earrings out. Can you even believe it? I mean, really now. Our parents said we couldn't get them re-pierced until we were 16 and that was that. Yah, they were pretty darn mad.

Back to work. Sitting on a baby calf was a little tricky especially since the momma was a little concerned. She was a nice momma, not like the one that practically rolled Dixie. Oh man, I would have been so super scared. Can you even imagine a mad momma cow charging you? Dixie handled it very well and came out of it unscathed.

I am not a strong ranch hand. No way. Sometimes if you pull a face you might get the job done. It's like a friend I had in grade school. She always stuck out her tongue when she would write.

" We're safe now baby, let's get far away from these ranch hands".

Swans taking flight.

Lunch break. All ranch hands work hard so all ranch hands need a break.

When was the last time you swung on a rope from a hay loft? I thought so.

We finished off the afternoon gopher hunting. My first 10 of the season. Bring on the gopher hunt!


Dad said...

Actually, it was your Mother who let you pierce your ears. You two could talk her into anythng.

Kaylynn said...

Dixie told me you were a brave ranch hand. Good work! And funny earring stories. When is the gopher hunt?

Barb said...

Ok, you are so darling, I love you!

Marilou said...

Sorry Lee lee about the pierced ears back when we were 12. I didn't twist your hand or anything, you could have kept yours in you know. It would have saved you getting your ears re pierced again 4 years later. But thanks for siding with me non the less. We twins have to stick together!
I can still vividly remember taking them out in the bathroom upstairs. Mommy (yes we still call our mother mommy) was not very happy with us at all! So funny. Well now that it's behind us right?

Jo-Ann said...

I really enjoyed your ranch hand post Marilee. So funny about you and Marilou getting your ears pierced. I liked your Dad's comment about it, I bet it would be very hard to say no to you two!

Dixie Dee said...

A good ranch hand that is for sure! Love the ear piercing story, love the photography, such a good eye for composition! You know how to tell a story, so much fun to read! I think there are some more calves to be tagged, they are waiting! Love the grimace as you tag, but perhaps watching what's going on is a good idea!!

Clark said...

I really enjoy the picture with the two black cows. Well done mother.

Laurel Lee Cahoon said...

mom, i am secretly really happy that i am never there in the spring so i don't have to do this with you. love ya, but horses is sort of where my whole cowgirl thing ends.

also- my blog is up and running again! same link as before.

love love!

Kari said...

Wow, Marilee! What a world you live in. I can't believe you were piercing that cow's ear! (I did laugh at your own ear-piercing story, though. When I was 12 I begged and begged, and my mom said "16." Then when I was 16, I didn't want them anymore. go figure.) Happy hay swinging!