Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Winner!

I might as well just go ahead and say it. "Kalood took 1st place in the BYU Business Plan Competition last Friday".

The competition that Kalood placed 2nd in back in February was the business model competition. This one was the business plan competition.

Look at the size of this trophy, would ya? This trophy is not a trophy you take home though. Each year, the winner of the competition will have their named engraved and then it stays in a trophy case I presume. The winner of the 2003 competition is a friend/mentor/past roommate of Brad's so that's kind of fun for the two of them.

Here is the Kalood team. Neal, Matt, and Brad. Um... this is a nice fat check yah? Kalood took home $50,000.

Michelle, Laurel, and Mark were there for the big event. Lucky!

Kalood has another competition this weekend in Oregon and then one more after that. Needless to say, Brad will be glad when this semester is over. Trying to finish up his business degree and start a venture like this has been a little busy.


Clark said...

Keep up the good work and go get 'em in those other competitions. This should give you a bit more steam now! You rule!

Dixie Dee said...

Double Yeah BRAD!!!!

Good things are ahead for Mr Brad Cahoon, Good Work!! Good Luck with everything that is coming up!

Does that make you a big "Cahoona"? :)

Chelsea said...

Wow thats amazing!! I bet your one proud mama!!

Dad said...

What a guy! The Cahoon boys (and girls) are doing exciting things. Keep it up.

Kaylynn said...

He is going to be rich and famous someday. And he will thanks his Mom, I am sure:)

Marilou said...

Yeah for Brad...again!!!! Good luck in Oregon.
Brad if I ever need a Toonie someday would you give me one and not make me pay you back? :)

Karen Wood said...

Fun to read about it and even see pictures. Thanks Marilee and Way to go BRAD!!

USAUS said...

You are a winner Brad... but we told you that years ago! Believe us now? so proud of you!!!