Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I'm telling you, there are a lot of nice things to love about Leavitt. Lou Lou comes out every other week from Lethbridge and then every other week I leave the country to go to the big city of Lethbridge. It's fun. Period. Just last week she came out to visit, and we were driving over the hills on our homestead, listening to country music because that is what we do when we are in the truck on the hills looking for gophers, when she just out of the blue said, " I really like coming here LeeLee, I just love coming out to Leavitt and forgetting my troubles". I think I should make bumper stickers that say, "Love it in Leavitt". Anyways, it makes me feel good when she says things like that. It feels like home to her and I like that. Back to my story, Lou Lou came out again on Saturday because her husband, Chris, is tiling her kitchen area and thought it be better if she was away from the mess. Nice yah? I had already made plans to help Dixie sort her 16 pairs from the herd of 300 pairs in the morning so Lou Lou just hung out at home until I was finished. I went home to pickup Lou Lou and we headed back out to Dixie's to do a little gopher hunting for an hour or so , but when we got to her place plans had been made to brand her 16 babies after gopher hunting. Do you know what that meant for me? Getting back on that horse and rounding up the cattle and putting them in the pen then sorting. Love that!

This is Downey and I pretty much love her. Remember my last post when I said that I wasn't going to ride Downey because Dixie was getting ready to show her and I didn't want to do anything to mess up all the training? Well, the event was cancelled/postponed for at least a month due to the equine herpes virus that is going around in the states right now so I was able to ride Downey and it was fu-un let me tell you. Right here I am sorting the mammas from their babies in the pen. See how Downey's head is pointed towards the mamma cow? That is how it is done. Downey/me is steering the momma in the direction I need her to go. Oh man, this is fun. To be on a horse riding is fun, but when you have a job to do it makes it more fun.

And here I am doing the same thing. Sorting the mammas from the babies. See the mammas behind the metal fence? They want their babies real bad and the babies want their mammas real bad too.

When it is branding time people seem to come out of the woodwork. Trucks and trailers just kept coming with people of all ages, from little babies to grandmas and grandpas.

Look at all these friends and family that came to help Dixie with her cows. Country folk are nice like that.

After the mammas are separated then you have to get the babies one by one to brand them. When Neal and I went to watch branding a few years ago at another place and last fall, it was done differently. Here they rope the babies, hold them down, then do their thing. This is Austin, he is the Jr. High Principal and the teachers' quorum advisor for Neal.

Poor thing. She just wants her baby.

Lou Lou totally feels the mammas' pain because she knows what is coming up. But look at those cute little boys with their little cowboy hats.

Branding irons in hot coals.

It takes at least two people to hold these babies down. They not only get branded with three separate brading irons, they also get vaccinated and? if you are a boy baby a couple of things get removed and now the term, " it's like adding salt to the wound" really hits home. Rio had a nice little treat when I got home. Ok, a few nice little treats.

Girls do this sort of thing too. That is Raven in the green and she is one of my Mia Maids. Jill is there too, she is a Beehive but would like to be with the Mia Maids, anyways, her dad is Austin. She has three sisters and they can all ride. Her mom Kaylynn learned how to load horses into a trailer and haul the trailer this year. I think that is amazing that she can do that all by herself. When she married Austin she didn't know a thing about horses and now she is an old pro.

Here is Jill and her grandpa, Buck, showing her the ropes of wrangling a calf.

A family affair with Dixie, her niece Raven and her dad, Denver.

Here is Dixie's brand. Three separate brands. Ouch. Double ouch, and Triple Ouch! It's Bar Ziggy Ranch. This is on the upper back corner on the left hip. I tried to turn this picture right side up and it just looked funny.

Lou Lou took this picture of me and I love it. I am a little bit country and a little rock and roll because I have a designer hair bobble thingy in my hair from my California days. See, I still have a bit of city girl in me. Oh, in YW on Sunday, we had a minute of telling what we did on Saturday and the girls said this and that. I told them that I had sorted cattle, rounded up cattle, separated cattle, and went gopher hunting. The advisor then told the girls that this is a cool thing because I am a city girl. Then you know what I said? I said yep, I can shoot and shop!

Ok, I wasn't going to post this picture, but I love it almost as much as the one above. I love the coloring, the background, the look on my face, all of it. Only one thing wrong with this picture though, is one hand is on the horn. Darn it.
I'm working on loping with two hands on the bridle more. It's coming, but I'm told that it takes more time in the saddle. I'll work on that.


Grandpa Hatch said...

Neat post, Lee Lee. Do yu remember branding and stuff in Tracy? All on black Angus calves? Good times. Dad

Marilou said...

Another great day out at Dixie's. You are doing so well on that riding lee lee. You look so "profesh".

I will always love coming to your house no matter where it is!!!! But I am sure glad it's in Leavitt.

Dixie Dee said...

OH I love that yellow horse!! Palamino if we want to be correct!!
Fun fun post Marilee!
Time in the saddle, that's what it takes and you are getting it more and more!!
"Shop and shoot", from California no less, can't beat that combo!!(Single Shot Shopper!!)
Turn off the wind and Leavitt is the place to be!! Lucky lucky Leavitt!! It helps that such great people live here, it makes up for the wind!

Kaylynn said...

I am honored that we are famous in your blog. In fact, I am so honored, I think I might copy the pictures for my blog. Hope that's okay. It does take skill to shop and shoot. I am glad I finally got to meet Lou Lou.

Granna said...

OK I am totally impressed with this post. WOW! So fun. SO fun!!!!!

Granna said...

PS I saw your comment on Cory's blog so I checked you out. SURPRISE!!