Monday, May 16, 2011

California. The End.

I'm thinking that Mark is not going to be as cool about this as Marlboro Man, with this photo of his, well, Levi's. But there really is a story to this so keep reading and you will totally be on my side after you see these pictures below.

El Matador Beach with a very full parking lot.

A visit to the beach was on top of Michelle's list for this trip so we obliged her. We discovered El Matador Beach a year before we moved and have loved visiting there each time we go to California. If you are on the PCH and don't really know what you are looking for you might just miss the sign. In fact, now that I think about it, I think we just happened upon this beach. Ya, I think that's right. Pretty positive about that.

Hmmm... we are getting closer now, but these guys do not look like they are ready to jump in the water at all.

And why is she all dressed up sitting on a rock? We had to know cuz she definitely is not ready for a dip in the ocean either. Let's ask someone.

"Excuse me sir, what's going on here?" asks Bradley.
"Oh, we're shooting a Levi's ad for Europe", says the camera man.
See? So there you have the reason I could not resist taking the picture of Mark's Levi's.
El Matador is frequently shooting something here and I am 100% sure it is NEVER gophers. It's that time of year, sorry.

We had a family photo shoot here at El Matador just before Brad went on his mission. 2005 at sundown

Three Pelicans

Just heading into Ventura on the 101. It was so weird to see these palm trees along the freeway, I felt at home, yet I felt like a tourist at the same time.

This stretch of the 101 (Camarillo grade) means we are almost home. Just up over the hill is our old neck of the woods.

We are up and over and into the Conejo Valley. I realize there are lots of cars, but really, this is pretty open freeway for this area. The exit to your right takes you to Clark, Brad, Laurel, and Michelle's old high school, and up a few exits to your right is our Lynn Road exit to home.

So anyways, since we were only visiting "home" we stayed in a hotel right down the road from "home" and right next to In & Out, which we took advantage of. We walked to In & Out and it was great. Recognize the jogger waving to me? That's my Mark.

Just relaxing by the pool. Had to do it right? Even fully dressed it was a real treat.

Ok, this is the best place to have Mexican tacos like you cannot even believe. It is just down the road from where Mark used to have his shop and discovered it from his workers. It is a little Mexican grocery store when you walk in, but head on to the back of the store and it gets a little more interesting.

Told ya. This is a place where you have to know what you want and just order. There is really weird stuff in those pans. We just ordered chicken and carne asada tacos. They double up on the small corn tortillas and stuff them full of yummy ingredients. Oh man oh man. And can I just mention the price? Um, 2 for $1.00 !!! Yah, 50 cents each.

We were pretty happy to have Brad, our translator with us. That boy of ours really does come in handy for a few things. Thanks Brad.

Yah, because he served his mission in Nicaragua where they eat every bit of a cow, Brad thought he would go back in time and order a cow tongue taco. He didn't actually say that when he ordered. It's lengua in Spanish and he said it was pretty tasty.

Look at these sweet Mexican popsicles. We were a little disappointed with the flavor though because they were not that distinguishable. But I would get them again because it was a perfect ending to our yummy tacos.

And this was on the top of my California list. Buying strawberries from the truck on the corner. A 1/2 flat with 9 baskets was $11.00. The price whether it was good or bad was not much of an issue, just buying them from a truck, and knowing they were picked that day, locally, was the thrill. They were pretty delicioso.

Michelle is not too thrilled that Laurel is tanner than she is. Ok, I'll tell you why. Laurel's friend, Kelly has an older sister who just got certified as a spray tan gal so Maren sprayed Laurel for free. There. You're ok with this information getting out right Laurel? Michelle and I would have done the same thing, right Michelle? And who doesn't want an instant tan while in California?

So there you finally have the conclusion of the Cahoon Utah/California vacation. The only thing wrong with it was that Clark was not with us. We will make up for it this summer though. Clark has a job in Waterton. Michelle has a job in Waterton, and Laurel pretty much has a job in Waterton as well. So it will be a busy house this summer which is going to be fun fun fun!!


Marilou said...

Gosh there is so much to say! I feel like commenting on every picture.

Love the palm trees next to the freeway.

Loved seeing the Camarillo grade. Memories.

You never even took me to that great Mexican place when I lived there. Why?

Cow tongue? That is crossing some kind of line.

Mexican popsicles. Neat.

Cool to have run into that Levi ad at the beach. Go Mark with your own Levi's!

And the strawberries!!! The best anywhere.

K. Finished. My favourite California post yet. Best for last I guess.

Kaylynn said...

My favorite part about reading your blog is that I can hear your voice saying the words as I read them. You are so funny!

Kari said...

Nice step-by-step photos to go with your vacation post! Over the grade to Conejo Valley. We were only there a short time, and I still want to call it home. :)

Dixie Dee said...

Love the Levi's shot! Perfect intro to such an interesting post!
Cool to see what was "home".
Would love to have fresh strawberries like that and eat them outside and be warm, and not blown over!! Cool Cool!!
Neat family picture on the beach!
Cahoon's in Waterton this year eh?? Hope it's a warm, calm summer!!
Great post, awesome ending!!

USAUS said...

I was just thinking how nice it was when we all lived in California... what a wonderful vacation together and how fun summer sounds with the kids at home!!! Great travelogue Lee Lee!

Barb said...

Totally had to put the photo with Mark in it. Loved reminiscing with you.