Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Monterey Bay Aquarium

Laurel had been here before but the rest of us hadn't and she didn't mind going again because it's cool. Very cool. I really don't have a very great camera. It is just a pocket camera that I love because it is slim and lightweight and plus when I go riding I want to not be boggled down with a big, heavy, bulky camera. It is a Cannon PowerShot SD940 IS. The reason why I mention this is because I was pretty amazed at how well these indoor, low lighting photos turned out.

I know, I have a hat on. Lou Lou wears ball caps quite often and when I do Mark thinks I am Lou Lou. I mean, not really, but because we are twins, why wouldn't I look like her? And since I like her in a hat I like me in a hat. Simple Simon.

Notice the one legged action ?

Careful Michelle!

Here is some information I pulled from the internet. In quiet waters, these flattened animals stand on end, partially buried in the sand. When waters are rough, sand dollars hold their ground by lying flat—or burrowing under. In fast-moving waters, adults also fight the currents by growing heavier skeletons. Young sand dollars swallow heavy sand grains to weigh themselves down. I never really thought how these guys lived so I found this bit of info. kinda interesting.

Tell Captain Jack you have to be on your way Michelle. I know he is cute and all, but I know for a fact he will be waiting for you when you visit Monterey again. Promise!

I begged and begged these guys to just turn around for a cute picture and they just wouldn't do it.

Goodbye till my next post.


Ashley Dawn said...

I'm back! I'm checking your blog again. No promises that it will be constant again, but I AM reading right now! I've been to that aquarium (I think). It was super fun! Are you still down there?

Marilou said...

That is the coolest information about the sand dollars!
And yes, you look very good in that hat. Ha ha!! Because if you then I do.
Nice post. Cool pictures.

Dixie Dee said...

California really does look great!! Warm, green, awesome!! Love the flamingo shot! Some pretty cool shots with that little camera of yours. I'm thinking the kids should model, they look great!
You and Mark too, family models!?
What's next??