Saturday, May 7, 2011

Off the 101 (freeway)

As promised, a mention of The Garlic Capital of the World, Gilroy. There are a couple of garlic shops right off the freeway but of course you don't really see those shops until you are practically on top of them. We missed the first one and almost the second one, but because Mark is quick behind the wheel, we, phew! made it.

Neal being a garlic head, a head of garlic, a tourist.

I have a friend, we'll call her Susan because her name is Susan. Hi Susan. She loves garlic. She loves it so much that she goes to a restaurant called the Stinky Rose in LA that serves EVERYTHING garlic, even garlic ice-cream.

I'm not sure if Susan likes garlic ice-cream, but I can tell you who doesn't like garlic ice-cream. The Cahoon Family. It's pretty bad, just look at those sorry faces. We got a little energetic and bought 2 vanilla and 1 chocolate thinking we would love it. The lady at the checkout said that she liked the vanilla better because the chocolate was a little overbearing. They were both pretty bad but the chocolate was better for sure because everything is better with chocolate right? We took the third unopened container back and exchanged it for two Snicker bars when the lady told us that garlic ice-cream is an acquired taste. Um? Maybe. Maybe not.

Ah, familiar places. The best one is San Jose. I was born there and yes, I do know the way to San Jose. I remember when I was maybe 8 or 10 years old, driving to the bay area and then catching BART to San Fransisco where my mother, Lou Lou , and I would shop in China Town. I still have one of the little polka dot bowls from one of our day trips.

Man they pack a lot of people here in San Fransisco. This really boggles my mind. Tons of people, tons of cars, hard to find parking, tall buildings. It was a little weird to me. I'm not saying it's bad, it's just SO different from here. I'm also not saying that I am a country girl now and not a city girl. I'm both. I can take or leave either one which I think that makes me adaptable. Lucky lucky Mark.

Have you guys seen the "bush man"? Brad and I stood behind him for quite awhile just watching. He keeps the bushes in front of him until some unsuspecting person walks by and then he scares them. It's funny. Real funny sometimes. We were laughing with the scardy cats and we told them so. It was very entertaining.

Why not? Why would I not play that game for 25 cents? In fact, I played it twice. I'd rather shoot my 22 single shot though.

Click to see the seals :)
Poor poor Michelle. But you know what? She does ask for it sometimes and Brad is more than happy to give it to her and? as you can see, it's pretty old hat for us. (Michelle secretly likes it)

We had a fun time in San Fransisco and as you can see the weather was perfect.

Next post will be Hearst Castle. Yah, I think you will like that one. Hearst Castle it is.


Dixie Dee said...

San Fran looks like fun!! Lucky you for the great weather, I think you should have brought some home with you!! The bush man thing looks like tons of fun, neato!!
Enjoy the posts, can't wait for more!! Love the pictures, but then I think you knew that!!

Jami and Rob said...

You guys have so much fun! I'm so jealous of the garlic ice cream - ugghh! Sounds awful! Thanks for the ping pong pics. We had so much fun at your place, I'm so glad you're there. What a great looking family! Don't worry, grand kids will soon come, enjoy getting to do cool stuff with the big kids!:)

Marilou said...

Sunny, clear and short sleeves in San doesn't get any better than that.

So who took the picture of Brad playing around with Michelle?

Loved seeing the signs of Mountain View and San Jose. I just love the look of Northern California.

USAUS said...

Heaven is where you are together... location flexible, adventures welcome, memories priceless

stone's eye view said...

Met the bush man on our honeymoon. Too funny.

Michelle Joyce said...

Favorite Line: "I have a friend, we'll call her Susan because her name is Susan."

Kari said...

Hi, Marilee! My favorite line is also the "because her name is Susan" line. Looks like SUCH a fun time together! I would have had to try the garlic ice cream, too.

I just watched the Bushman on youtube. Do you know he claims to make $60K a year--tips from people who are entertained by watching him "work"...?!?!

Anonymous said...

LOL, loved the garlic comments. Actually when I had garlic ice cream (vanilla), it was after a huge meal with everything garlic so by the time we got to the ice cream we couldn't really taste it that much. Happy Mother's Day!
It was great seeing you and Mark!


Kaylynn said...

I am going to make you some garlic chocolate chip cookies:)
Looks like such a fun trip. Plus what a bonus that you are adaptable!

Christie said...

I'm going to Monterey this summer to visit family. Can't wait to see all the things in your post. You make the pics come to life. Really enjoy them! :)