Friday, May 13, 2011

San Juan Bautista

Love this sign! This is a place I wish we had more time to visit. We got here a little later than we had hoped for so we had to rush through a bit. That's ok though, because now we know we want to come back again.

San Juan Bautista is very quaint with antique shops all long the "downtown" area. The girls loved it and the boys (happily?) endured it. And guess what I found? A large golden yellow pyrex bowl like my mother had. I remember her using it for potato salad. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! See the rooster? These guys were everywhere and it just added to the coolness of it all.

Thanks girls for posing next to this little lady here. Michelle is happy to pose and as you can see Laurel is just humoring me. Not sure why Laurel couldn't have just gotten into her stage acting face for me.

Everywhere I tell ya.

This was my third visit to Mission San Juan Bautista. My first visit was when I was in 4th grade studying California Missions. Our school class came here for a field trip. It was familiar like all of California. It's just home to me. Anyway, we didn't go on the tour due to our late arrival, but we walked around the grounds and really liked it. The weather was warm with a slight breeze. Aahhhhh....

This is the El Camino Real mission bell. These bells are dotted along the 101 freeway symbolizing the trail that the..............enlarge the picture below and you can read it all better than I can tell you.

This is the mission cemetery but look to your right behind Father Serra. Fields of freshly planted and soon to be planted produce. Not pastures like around here in Leavitt, which I do like, but fields. Ok, I guess we have wheat fields.

I stood in this very spot, let's see, over 41 years ago during my class field trip. Ouch, that is a mighty long time ago. Ouch, again!

* I thought I had found the picture of me in 4th grade, but it's a no go *


Marilou said...

Another great day in California with Mark and your kids.

I sure wish i could remember going there in the 4th grade. But then again 40 years is a long time ago....ouch is right!

Looks like Michelle is getting a lot of use out of daddy's old camera.

Ashley Dawn said...

What a neat place - I love learning about history and how people lived long ago -like even longer ago than when you were in 4th grade ;). How fun that there were all the roosters and everything. That would be an awesome place to visit!

Marilou said...

Was I with you on the field trip back in 4th grade? I sure wish I had a better memory. Perhaps if I went back there it would all come back to me. Not back to 4th grade.....back to San Juan Bautista!

Dixie Dee said...

Chickens add a certain something don't they! So cool that you found a "treasure" in San Juan Bautista, that's the fun stuff!! Did you say Laurel got the acting thing from you? It's in the Genes? I'm sure that's what I read!!
Fun post as always M!!

Kari said...

Looks like beautiful weather for you! Those missions are peaceful, a nice taste of history. And I do miss those ocean views! :)

Kaylynn said...

I want to go there. I will put it on my list of things to do in California (as soon as I start one).