Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Daddy's Visit

Daddy drove all the way up from St. George, Utah for a visit, a birthday visit. Last year Lou Lou and I drove to Utah and spent our birthday with Daddy there and this year he drove up here to spend it here. We are 30 years apart and he turns 81 this year so........................yah, it was our 51st birthday.

A few weeks ago Lou Lou and I went to Kalispell for an overnight birthday vacay and celebrated our birthday then. That was our gift to each other and our husband's gift to us. Here we all are celebrating together in Lethbridge at Moxie's for a family celebration. It was delicious and I already know what I want to order next time we go.

Last weekend was Youth Days for our stake. All the wards in our stake play softball against each other on a Saturday usually starting with a pancake breakfast. This year was a little different in that the stake fed the whole town of Cardston a hotdog lunch instead. Not really, but almost. We combined the noon meal with the opening of the new soccer park in Cardston so it was almost like the whole town because the high council were busy peeling the plastic off of 3,500 hotdogs. I really wished I could have help Mark out, but I had score keeping to do. Shucks!

If you look real close you can see that Neal is swinging the bat. Neal's senior team took home 2nd place.

Laurel came to the first of 7 games before heading to work.

Ok, This is cool. I am sitting in the back of a pick-up with grain pellets and these wild horses are running after us. All 70 or so of them. Dixie's father has a herd of wild horses that are used for local and not so local rodeos. And since they are wild you have to trick them in order to contain them so Denver can hand pick each horse he needs. This day he needed 14 for bucking horses at a rodeo in northern Alberta. My header picture was taken from the truck too.

Daddy had a real good time just hanging out watching the process.

And I did too, sitting on top of the huge John Deere tractor.

Such brave brave men to stand near wild horses.

Afterwards, Clark and I went to Dixie's to ride a bit and round-up a hand full of bulls. It's that time of year when the bulls are taken back to their gals for the season after a long and lonely winter.

This little colt is only a few months old. So cute. We were helping to get the momma and baby on the trailer to take back up to the ranch.

Mother son photo.

To top off the fun filled two weeks with Daddy we celebrated his birthday (June 27) on Father's Day, the day before heading back home. This look is a genuine happy look. It's a look that we don't see all that often. Not that he is not genuinely happy at other times, but to capture it on camera is another thing.

Happy Father's Day Daddy!
Happy Birthday Daddy!

Come back real soon now, ya hear?


Dixie Dee said...

Awesome Post Marilee! Looks like a great time with your father.
Wild horses, WOW!! Fun pictures of the mustangs and the son riding horses!! M is becoming more and more the ranch hand and very useful to have around, thanks for all the help, and Help it is!!
Happy Birthday Myron!!

Clark said...

Fun Fun Fun. I'm glad we were able to get out and ride some horses and do some ranching things. Thanks again Dixie. I hope we have another excuse to do some more cattle herding.

Dad said...

Great Post, Lee. And a great trip loaded with birthdays, horses, and good times.

Kaylynn said...

I was hoping for a picture of the birthday cake. Those are some sweet horse pictures. I'm glad I got to meet your cool dad.

Marilou said...

I love your posts lee lee!!!!

Barb said...

These pictures are to die for I might have to steal some of them.