Sunday, July 17, 2011


The weather has been pretty spectacular lately and we totally deserve it this summer after the cold summer we had last year. We might not get our summer heat as early as most of you, but when we get it we are haaaaaappppyyy! This is what has been going on the last week.

Every year the Stake Relief Society does a hike in Waterton. Crandell Lake was our destination this year and it was nice. It seems that every time I go there it is windy, but this year it was perfectomundo.

The group from Leavitt Ward.

Yep, this is bear country so why not get a picture with a bear.

Brad was up for a visit this week so Dixie once again, hooked us up with a terrific horse back ride to Oakey Hole and "21". Really fun. This is Neal on the ridge above Oakey Hole.

Neal is a natural in the saddle.

I have been thinking about climbing Old Chief this year, but I don't think I am going to do it. I figured out that I love the idea more than actually doing it. I will scratch that off of my bucket list with no regret.

Mark drove the truck down with Laurel, Michelle, Lou-Lou, and Clark to meet up with the riders for a little picnic and motor biking.

Yesterday we went to Waterton and up Red Rock for a little hike to the falls and look what we saw on our way back. So so cute. I know, this looks like a museum exhibit but this is real folks.

Just hanging out at Waterton Lake. Can you tell what Brad and Neal are doing? Pretty much the only thing we do when we come here and when the lake is calm.

Skipping rocks.....

Love it when the kids are together!


Dixie Dee said...

Love the photography! Wow! So great to see the Mountain goat and her baby, neat neat picture there!! Love skipping rocks in Waterton too! I'm glad the bear posed for the picture, did you have to pay him? How much? I think Bears have a union now. Looks like a great week with the kids, hope there is more sunshine, heat and fun with the gang in store!!

Dad said...

Such great pictures, I'm almost tempted to drive North.

Kelly said...

I like the last picture... all the kids... and then Krista in the distance... like, 15 yards away. Haha.

Marilou said...

Where is that bear? I want a picture taken with it!
I really love the picture of the mommy goat and her little baby. Just so cute.
You have a fun life lee lee.

USAUS said...

Time for a visit?

Love the pics of all the kids together - that is what makes life so wonderful - when our family can be together!

Laurel Lee Cahoon said...

good photos mom! and grandpa- you should come up again!!

Barb said...

What great pics, I am feeling guilty about the lack of contact I have had with you this summer. But you always know that I love you.