Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer Jobs

Can you guess what these 4 children of ours have in common this summer?

They work here, in Waterton. Yes siree, you read that right. They all work in Waterton. Of course, different schedules which means at least two cars, sometimes three cars going into Waterton on any given day. I'll give you the run down on where they all work.

Well, Neal here is a dishwasher at Pizza of Waterton. He works about 3 nights a week and brings home a bit of tip money each night along with a paycheck once in awhile. He is not that crazy about working, but that is the way the ball bounces around here in the summer, you gotta stay busy.

Michelle is working at Akamina Gifts. This is her third summer here so she is a pro.

Laurel is a server at Pizza of Waterton, where Neal works. Their schedules are about the same which helps with the car situation. Laurel not only serves, but she also is a part-time nanny for the owners' two little girls. She is tutoring them in Spanish as well.

And Clark is a server at Trappers, a new restaurant n Waterton. Sometimes he comes home with close to $200 bucks in tips for one shift. I know, it's super crazy isn't it?

This year I decided not to work, I figured it was best that I manage the crew and cars. So maybe next year we can get that teepee that we were hoping for if I had worked again this summer. Oh well. You gotta do what you gotta do.

Guess what Clark and Laurel have in common? They each have a liquor license. Weird huh?


Dad said...

Super pictues of some super kids.

Dixie Dee said...

Great kids, fun jobs and an awesome place to work!! Hope you get the TeePee soon. Waterton is one of my favorite places on earth!! Enjoy those kids and the summer, they both will be gone way too soon!! :)

Marilou said...

I ditto daddy's comment. They all look very happy working there. Well, except Neal. But I know he must be smiling too because he is always happy when he is doing something.

Are those new roofs down in Waterton? I have never noticed them before from above. I like the natural look better. Just say'n.

Barb said...

Exactly how does one obtain a liquor licences? tee hee love that you are being mother hen! Or maybe that sounds to old? I mean it nice not bad!

Kaylynn said...

Hey, I was with you when you took 2 of those pictures. I didn't know Neal was working there, too. That's good. Enjoy the rest of summer.