Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Laurel!

We all love you!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Hawk Story

A few weeks ago, on our way home from the creek we found this baby hawk sitting in the middle of the gravel road. Mark had a plastic bin in the back of his truck so he emptied it out and put this hawk in and brought it home. It seemed that maybe one of his wings was a little injured and we didn't want it to be left on the road. We also thought that maybe he might have left the nest a little too early and wasn't strong enough to fly away.

Don't let the look on Clark's face fool you. Look at those talons. Clark is acting like it didn't hurt. It hurt! Clark named him Mordecai. It is a Hebrew name meaning, little man. Good choice.

Brad wanted a turn to hold it too. It's not everyday you get to hold a hawk.

Whenever we put it in the tree it would sit for awhile then try to take off but he always ended up on the ground. Just wasn't quite strong enough.

Every few days Mark worked with him. He put a tether on one of Mordecai's' legs to give it exercise, knowing it wasn't strong enough to really go anywhere. Mordecai always ended up in a bush or a low branch. Out here in the middle of nowhere we have foxes and coyotes so we wanted to make sure Mordecai could fly when he needed to.

Mark would whistle at Mordecai and sometimes Mordecai would whistle back.

My foot.

See? He is headed for the bushes.

We kept Mordecai in Rio's old dog cage. Mark would faithfully give it water from my turkey baster( I know, super gross) and meat from leftovers. Look at Rio with his tongue hanging out.

After a few days of our food Mark went out and shot a gopher. You
should have seen Mordecai grab onto that gopher. He acted like he knew what he was doing. Animals are so instinctive. You forget sometimes.

After almost three weeks and three gophers we decided it was time to let Mordecai go. He had started getting really antsy in the cage and more vocal.

There he goes........

And here he sits, in our backyard, in a tree right over our fire pit. There are two hawks, a male and a female, that have nested right next to us and they did not like Mordecai at all. They had a baby that they were teaching to fly so they were very vocal and protective. They have settled down now. Mordecai has a unique cry so we can here him in the mornings. Really. Honest. This morning when I was in the kitchen I heard him so Mark went out to the field behind us and saw him. He seems to hang around "home". These hawks are territorial and have one mate for life. They also migrate from here in the winter to South America and other far off warm places and then head back home in the spring. Mordecai has a red tie on his one leg so we will be able to recognize him forever and always.
More about the Swainson's Hawk.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Don't Go Michelle!

She didn't listen to me. I went into her room this morning and even made her an offer. "Michelle, let's run away and live together and we can cook all day. Don't go back to BYU".

I know she is gonna miss us and we are going to miss her too!

But here she is, happy as can be, which is the way it should be.

Just take care of that sweet car Michelle. You know how I love to drive it when it is here.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Leavitt Ladies Ride Again

Our second annual ride yesterday was as much fun as last year, but sad to say we were missing some fun gals. Hopefully we can do this again within the next month or so. We gotta hurry cuz it could snow any day, really. That's how fast it can happen here.

We decided to go to the community pasture again but a different area. Can't tell you where though. North, South, East, or West? I don't know. It seemed to me we went straight, then right for a long time with some turns and then up a hill. That's how I work.

We are all here. That's me, the shadow.

This is the top of Pole Haven. We are looking out over our area of Mountain View and Leavitt. I think everyone is looking at Police Lake. Am I right? Payne Lake is to the left behind the trees.

There is an old ski cabin that was built in 1939 that is used by people in the area. Neal has been there with his scout group a couple of times. Didn't know that!

I was a little hesitant to open the door because I didn't know what to expect. For all I knew, bats would fly out. But I was pleasantly surprised. It's hard to see here, but every inch of the walls and ceiling had names of everyone who has ever been there. Of course I didn't know that Neal had been here until after I got home, but his name is there also.

Of course I had to add my (our) signature. I'm not sure it matters if you are 15 or 51. Why not?

I wish we could have gotten everyone in this picture. Dixie was the picture taker, shucks!

Lunch time!

Our horses were in grass heaven.

This is the best we could do to get a group shot. I had to set my camera on a stump pretty far away, set it on timer and then run and get on my horse before it clicked. I barely made it!

Kaylynn, Dixie, Me, Shauna, Jill, Hali, Joy, and Pam.

The weather was perfect! We could not have asked for a more perfect day to ride.

This was fun. I like the sound of the hooves on the rocks when going through a creek. I also love to hear horses on pavement. Just sayin'.

Thirsty horses.

Just a shot of me with my horse. I rode Downey this year and Shasta last year and even though Downey gave me a hard time, here at the top of Pole Haven, she is still my first choice.

And there you have it, the tale(tail) end of the day. See how my pony tail is the same color as Downey's tail? Just thought I would point that out.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We have a new campfire spot. The only bad thing about it is that is not near any water. It has other benefits though so that's alright.

I guess if there is no water to play in then Rio better just hangout with us.

Michelle was taking this campfire stuff very serious.

Brad and Michelle found this sweet spot and built this fire-pit with rocks collected from around the area. Hopefully before Michelle leaves for school we can put up the tent and have a real camping experience.

We had hotdogs for our dinner and then s'mores of course. But after the s'mores we had another yummy dessert. Bannock. It is a native indian bread that you cook over the campfire. After you cook the dough wrapped wiener sticks slowly over the coals you then dip it in honey butter. It's pretty darn good. The kids love it.

8 cups flour
1/2 cup sugar
3 tablespoons baking powder
2 teaspoons salt

Mix together and add 1/2 cup melted butter and 3 cups water. Be careful not to make the dough too stiff.

* you can half the recipe, it makes a lot

After dinner Brad and I took some pictures as the sun was setting.

Look where our new campsite is. It's in our very own backyard with all the conveniences of home whenever you need them!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Date Night

Our date nights have changed drastically in the last 5 years. In California it was usually dinner out and maybe a movie with friends. We never go to the movies and never go out to dinner. Our dates are much much different now. We love getting in the truck and roaming the hills of the Cahoon Homestead and surrounding land. A couple of weeks ago, we ended up on a hill overlooking Lee's Creek and we saw something pretty neat. A pack of coyotes , we thought, playing around. We mentioned this to someone and they told us that they had heard there was a pack of wolves hanging around the creek so we think that is what we saw. Wolves!

Last night we wanted to see if we could find the wolves again. No wolf in sight!

I'd rather do this than go to dinner and movie any day!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cahoon Reunion 2011

Another Cahoon Reunion has come and gone. They come every two years, roughly, and usually last a few days with every minute planned so as to make the most it.

I couldn't do a post about the Cahoon Family without a picture of the two of them that started it all. We missed Lervae who passed away 5 years ago.

Here are 10 of the 11 children Joyce and Lervae had. Colleen passed away in 1982 and was the last girl born, right before Orlan (far right). Oldest to youngest, left to right.

On Friday we hiked to Crandell Lake and had a picnic then went to the Waterton townsite for outdoor games. Can you see the balloons in the air?

The 5 cousins. Neal, Bethany, Kelsey, Kaden, and Caden. Caden is actually a 2nd cousin to these guys and just a year younger than Neal. You get that kinda thing in big family.

You gotta have relay games. After you run you go to Grandma and she gives you a licorice.

In the evening we had a subway dinner at the Waterton church and then the always popular and family favorite, talent show. Every immediate family can participate twice. Here are Bethany, Michelle, Tessa, and Laurel singing. They sung at the Waterton Branch the week before and also the Sunday of the reunion in Leavitt. They have that song down!

There is always the parade. Neal played the drums like last year in the marching band where his uncle is the band teacher. Kaden and Tessa also played drums, the drums, however you say it.

And the creek. Gotta go to "27". Always. The other half of the group is on the left side of the tarp tent.

Another family picture. Brad was able to break away from Kalood and joined us for a few days.

On Sunday after the family dinner, the adults had a sing song time in the chapel. Merlene brought some choir music for us and we also sang hymns. Cahoons love to sing the hymns together. Pam is playing the piano.

In the afternoon we all went o the cemetery to visit the graves of Lervae and Colleen. We sang, Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words to Each Other, around Lervae and then sang the song that Colleen wrote for her parents 40th Wedding Anniversary, We're Thanking You around Colleen's grave. This little cemetery has so much history of Leavitt. Our children are 4th generation Cahoons to live here.

Ready for some Cahoon Family Facts?

Joyce and Lervae married in 1942.
They had 11 children.
They have 57 grandchildren.
They have 77 great-grandchildren. (Kennedy decided to have her baby, #77, on the way to the reunion, Saturday morning, and joined us after dinner on Sunday)
There have been 35 mission served, 3 by Joyce and Lervae.
And 43 temple marriages.
Oh, and 24 grandchildren have not started families yet.

129 family members were here with 51 missing. Yep, 178 posterity. Crazy isn't it?

**these numbers might not be super exact. I decided to see what I could do on my own during Sunday School class. Yah, I know. I am supposed to be listening during SS, but it has never been my favorite hour of the three hour block. Sorry?