Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cahoon Reunion 2011

Another Cahoon Reunion has come and gone. They come every two years, roughly, and usually last a few days with every minute planned so as to make the most it.

I couldn't do a post about the Cahoon Family without a picture of the two of them that started it all. We missed Lervae who passed away 5 years ago.

Here are 10 of the 11 children Joyce and Lervae had. Colleen passed away in 1982 and was the last girl born, right before Orlan (far right). Oldest to youngest, left to right.

On Friday we hiked to Crandell Lake and had a picnic then went to the Waterton townsite for outdoor games. Can you see the balloons in the air?

The 5 cousins. Neal, Bethany, Kelsey, Kaden, and Caden. Caden is actually a 2nd cousin to these guys and just a year younger than Neal. You get that kinda thing in big family.

You gotta have relay games. After you run you go to Grandma and she gives you a licorice.

In the evening we had a subway dinner at the Waterton church and then the always popular and family favorite, talent show. Every immediate family can participate twice. Here are Bethany, Michelle, Tessa, and Laurel singing. They sung at the Waterton Branch the week before and also the Sunday of the reunion in Leavitt. They have that song down!

There is always the parade. Neal played the drums like last year in the marching band where his uncle is the band teacher. Kaden and Tessa also played drums, the drums, however you say it.

And the creek. Gotta go to "27". Always. The other half of the group is on the left side of the tarp tent.

Another family picture. Brad was able to break away from Kalood and joined us for a few days.

On Sunday after the family dinner, the adults had a sing song time in the chapel. Merlene brought some choir music for us and we also sang hymns. Cahoons love to sing the hymns together. Pam is playing the piano.

In the afternoon we all went o the cemetery to visit the graves of Lervae and Colleen. We sang, Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words to Each Other, around Lervae and then sang the song that Colleen wrote for her parents 40th Wedding Anniversary, We're Thanking You around Colleen's grave. This little cemetery has so much history of Leavitt. Our children are 4th generation Cahoons to live here.

Ready for some Cahoon Family Facts?

Joyce and Lervae married in 1942.
They had 11 children.
They have 57 grandchildren.
They have 77 great-grandchildren. (Kennedy decided to have her baby, #77, on the way to the reunion, Saturday morning, and joined us after dinner on Sunday)
There have been 35 mission served, 3 by Joyce and Lervae.
And 43 temple marriages.
Oh, and 24 grandchildren have not started families yet.

129 family members were here with 51 missing. Yep, 178 posterity. Crazy isn't it?

**these numbers might not be super exact. I decided to see what I could do on my own during Sunday School class. Yah, I know. I am supposed to be listening during SS, but it has never been my favorite hour of the three hour block. Sorry?


Kaylynn said...

Wow - that is a large posterity. But it looks like a fun reunion. Cute family pictures! Where is 27?

Marilou said...

Loved this post. So much to see. Love the expression on Neals face with the 5 cousins. He loves to have fun and those glasses just make the expression even better!
Nice family picture at "27" too. Got an extra fame hanging around? Cause you are gonna need it.

Dixie Dee said...

Great post Marilee. You guys sure pack alot into a weekend. Love the family picture at 27 too, good for you guys!! Love the Cahoon "facts"!

Lawlors :) said...

Great job on the reunion!! You even got in the choir practice. Thanks!! Nice post!!

MLH said...

What an incredible gift for all the generations. Looks almost as good as the Hatch one!

Jami and Rob said...

Thank you for this, oh how I love the Cahoons. As always, I love your pictures. That was such a fun reunion and the weather was perfect! It was great to see you all. We love you!