Tuesday, August 16, 2011


We have a new campfire spot. The only bad thing about it is that is not near any water. It has other benefits though so that's alright.

I guess if there is no water to play in then Rio better just hangout with us.

Michelle was taking this campfire stuff very serious.

Brad and Michelle found this sweet spot and built this fire-pit with rocks collected from around the area. Hopefully before Michelle leaves for school we can put up the tent and have a real camping experience.

We had hotdogs for our dinner and then s'mores of course. But after the s'mores we had another yummy dessert. Bannock. It is a native indian bread that you cook over the campfire. After you cook the dough wrapped wiener sticks slowly over the coals you then dip it in honey butter. It's pretty darn good. The kids love it.

8 cups flour
1/2 cup sugar
3 tablespoons baking powder
2 teaspoons salt

Mix together and add 1/2 cup melted butter and 3 cups water. Be careful not to make the dough too stiff.

* you can half the recipe, it makes a lot

After dinner Brad and I took some pictures as the sun was setting.

Look where our new campsite is. It's in our very own backyard with all the conveniences of home whenever you need them!


Jami and Rob said...

It just doesn't get more beautiful than that! You guys really know how to enjoy life.

Dad said...

I guess there really is no place like home.

Dixie Dee said...

Cool firepit! That is something that will get used lots! Love the pictures (as always) and Cool dog that Rio!!! Hey don't even need wheels to enjoy that campfire, right on!! Teepee time eh?

Marilou said...

I love shots of Rio. She is so cute. I haven't had bannock this year yet. Maybe the next time we are at your house.
Nice fire pit Brad and Michelle! Great idea.

MLH said...

I can smell that fire in my imagination from here and taste the Bannock from the reunion.

Brad said...

That was a pretty fun day indeed! Can't wait to have a warm place to hang outside in the winter!

Kaylynn said...

What a fun place for a campfire and awesome sunset pictures. My kids have had bannock at school, but I never thought of having it over the campfire. I can't wait to see the next few blog posts...baby hawk and horse ride.
P.S. I think you can check your settings and not allow anonymous comments (unless you wanted to check out the metatrader)