Thursday, August 18, 2011

Leavitt Ladies Ride Again

Our second annual ride yesterday was as much fun as last year, but sad to say we were missing some fun gals. Hopefully we can do this again within the next month or so. We gotta hurry cuz it could snow any day, really. That's how fast it can happen here.

We decided to go to the community pasture again but a different area. Can't tell you where though. North, South, East, or West? I don't know. It seemed to me we went straight, then right for a long time with some turns and then up a hill. That's how I work.

We are all here. That's me, the shadow.

This is the top of Pole Haven. We are looking out over our area of Mountain View and Leavitt. I think everyone is looking at Police Lake. Am I right? Payne Lake is to the left behind the trees.

There is an old ski cabin that was built in 1939 that is used by people in the area. Neal has been there with his scout group a couple of times. Didn't know that!

I was a little hesitant to open the door because I didn't know what to expect. For all I knew, bats would fly out. But I was pleasantly surprised. It's hard to see here, but every inch of the walls and ceiling had names of everyone who has ever been there. Of course I didn't know that Neal had been here until after I got home, but his name is there also.

Of course I had to add my (our) signature. I'm not sure it matters if you are 15 or 51. Why not?

I wish we could have gotten everyone in this picture. Dixie was the picture taker, shucks!

Lunch time!

Our horses were in grass heaven.

This is the best we could do to get a group shot. I had to set my camera on a stump pretty far away, set it on timer and then run and get on my horse before it clicked. I barely made it!

Kaylynn, Dixie, Me, Shauna, Jill, Hali, Joy, and Pam.

The weather was perfect! We could not have asked for a more perfect day to ride.

This was fun. I like the sound of the hooves on the rocks when going through a creek. I also love to hear horses on pavement. Just sayin'.

Thirsty horses.

Just a shot of me with my horse. I rode Downey this year and Shasta last year and even though Downey gave me a hard time, here at the top of Pole Haven, she is still my first choice.

And there you have it, the tale(tail) end of the day. See how my pony tail is the same color as Downey's tail? Just thought I would point that out.


Michelle Joyce said...

I know I'm not allowed to comment on your blog anymore but I just couldn't resist. What a silly goose you are. LOVE YOU!

P.S Cute pony-tail comment.

Marilou said...

I loved the "tail" end of your post too. Perfect "ending" to a fun post.

Stop having you much fun out there in the country because it makes my posts look boring. Just you wait.....I am going to post about the movies I see, the walks I take around the neighborhood, my trips to Walmart and the house I clean. I am gonna show you up! Just you wait! lol!

Brad said...

That was an entertaining post! I think mostly because i keep thinking about the mom i had in CA. I hardly recognize you now!

Dixie Dee said...

Very creative ending to a fine story M! Downey was meant for you!
These are great memories, thanks for letting me be a part of them! We are so lucky to live where we do and amoung such fine people huh?

Kaylynn said...

Great post, but I broke the rules and read your post before I did my own version. I am glad you got a good picture of both pony tails. I am glad you still like Downey even though she almost backed off the top of Pole Haven.

Kari said...

OK, you're back to the horse-riding posts, and those are the ones that make me REALLY jealous!! Plus, I'll remind you again that Downey is my maiden name so I should be riding that one.

(The goodbye Michelle post is fun, too. She looks so grown up!)