Monday, September 26, 2011

Head em' up & Move em' out !

It's round-up time in the community pasture. In order to be able to keep your cattle in the community pasture, you have to have shares. More shares = more cattle and this year there were close to 1000 cattle which made for 4 full days of rounding em' up. And guess what? I was there. On the back of a horse. For 2 full days. As you know, one of my favorite things to do is helping with a round-up/cattle drive. Love it!

On our way at 7:30 am. The community pasture is 4 miles square that borders the US which is right under Old Chief. fyi....Old Chief is in Montana.

It takes a lot of cowboys to round up 1000 head of cattle. Besides having trailers to bring your horses, you need trailers to haul your cattle home in.

When you have so many cattle to round-up you need to be organized. A group will get together and decide who goes where and then off you go and hope you find some cattle. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don't but that can be fun because you never know what you will find. When our little group went out we came across one of Dixie's cows that had been killed by a wolf.

You need to click on the picture to see the cattle and the cowboys in the distance.

Just bringin em' in.

This is one of my favorite pictures. It is so "cowboy" to me- so true western and I am so lucky to be just a small part of it.

Drivin em' down the road towards the corrals.

Look who we have here. It's the home stretch for these guys.

Horses can go quite awhile without drinking so when they cross the creek they want to drink. Horses suck the water. Did you now that?

Here are the holding pens. You bring them into one big corral where they are then sorted one at a time down a pathway and directed into the right corral. Each corral is designated for the person who owns the cattle.

Each man you see is at the gate opening of their corral. One guy at the end yells a person's name and then that person opens the gate to their corral and their cows goes in.

The gals just hanging out watching the men work. Dixie, Shauna, and I.
(Shauna's daughter is the first young woman you see in the video)

Loading up the cattle. Shauna's husband and two sons are there. It's a family affair.

I thought I would take a picture of Downey, the horse I ride these days. She is a good horse. fyi..... my father's saddle is on Downey and I am so happy to be able to use it. He made it while he and my mother were living in Samoa working for the church in the 80's. My father is a cowboy at heart which makes him happy that I am learning how to ride and that I enjoy it so much.

This is Tiffys Lucky Wrangler. She is yawning after a hard days work.

I hope you all don't mind posts about cows and horses. I don't have any grandkids, so I suppose this is entertaining me until that happens.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Neal!

Sixteen years old! 16 years old. My youngest child is 16 years old. That's weird to me. In 3 years his mission papers will be in.

Neal is super loving the motor bikes this year. They have been out of commission for a couple of years due to wear and tear so Neal is making up for lost time.

The pictures below are now and before instead before and after.

Happy Birthday Neal!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Summer Days

Summer is just about over and that makes me sad. We've had a pretty nice summer this year and it is going to be hard to let it go.

Here are a few random pictures taken from the camera that popped out of the right back pocket of my Wrangler jeans while riding my father's saddle in my friends pasture(s). Yep, I went to take a picture of the cattle on the rolling hills with Old Chief in the background against a blue sky and low and behold when I went to fetch my camera from my right back pocket of my Wrangler jeans, it was gone. And the thing is, where do you even begin to look for a camera when you are in the third pasture of the day. My camera is gone forever!

Mini Chuckwagon races right in downtown Cardston.

Brent and Marge are our neighborly neighbors. Brent is a rodeo announcer and Marge is a super seamstress! I just love 'em.

We moved this nest from our garage door opener onto the window sill in our garage and the momma bird was still attentive.

Rio is a gopher catcher. She has her nose down the gopher hole. Crazy dog!

Laurel's 23rd Birthday photo. Love her!

Huckleberry picking on a ski slope. You pay 10 dollars, bring your own bucket and pick till your done.

Logan's Pass in Montana

The birthday boys.

Lou Lou and I didn't spend as much time together as we hoped to, but I'm sure we will make up for this fall.

I did a fair amount of riding this summer. I added about 50 hours to my riding hours and earned myself a 100 hour rocketbar to add to my 50 hour patch. I am enrolled in the riding club for AQHA (American Quarter Horse Association) and with that you get little "prizes" along the way. It's kind of fun actually. I'm always up for incentives.

Our 51st Birthday! I really don't like the way that looks or sounds. At. All.

The creek. "27" to be super exact. Long story. Short story. Sad story. "Goodbye "27". We have loved visiting you for generations but good things must come to an end." You know that song from the 70's? Why can't we be friends? Yah, too bad we can't all live in harmony when it comes to sharing the land.

Goodbye summer. It's been great this year and hope that next summer is just as good, but let's get going a little earlier than July. K?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Creek

Our creek visits to "27" are dwindling. It's a sad thing. "27" refers to section 27 when looking at a land map. Generations of the Cahoon family have been going to "27" for a very long time. We have pictures of Mark's dad back in the day at "27", and Mark when he was a teenager. We have pictures of our kids at "27" taken throughout the years and it is one of our family's favorite spots in the whole wide world. There is now a NO TRESPASSING sign posted at the last gate. What? Are you kidding? We were lucky enough to have a day at the creek for our family reunion (we asked permission), but it just isn't the same when you have to call the owner of the land to go to the creek. We have a new part of Lee's Creek to visit. It takes a little longer to get to and it not quite the same, but at least we can go without breaking the law.

The fishing is good which makes Mark pretty happy.

Ok. So I always try to remember to take my camera when I go to fun places because you never know what you will see right?
Bear tracks!




And I think these are Bobcat tracks, along with bird tracks.

So although it is not "27", at least we still have a creek we can visit without any hassles.