Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Creek

Our creek visits to "27" are dwindling. It's a sad thing. "27" refers to section 27 when looking at a land map. Generations of the Cahoon family have been going to "27" for a very long time. We have pictures of Mark's dad back in the day at "27", and Mark when he was a teenager. We have pictures of our kids at "27" taken throughout the years and it is one of our family's favorite spots in the whole wide world. There is now a NO TRESPASSING sign posted at the last gate. What? Are you kidding? We were lucky enough to have a day at the creek for our family reunion (we asked permission), but it just isn't the same when you have to call the owner of the land to go to the creek. We have a new part of Lee's Creek to visit. It takes a little longer to get to and it not quite the same, but at least we can go without breaking the law.

The fishing is good which makes Mark pretty happy.

Ok. So I always try to remember to take my camera when I go to fun places because you never know what you will see right?
Bear tracks!




And I think these are Bobcat tracks, along with bird tracks.

So although it is not "27", at least we still have a creek we can visit without any hassles.


Marilou said...

Oh my that last picture is really nice! Neat track pictures too! But scary. I mean bear tracks? Scary.

Dixie Dee said...

Great pictures as always and cool pics of all the different tracks. The creek is awesome, I get it!!

stone's eye view said...

Love 27. Someone needs to marry back into the family who owns it.

Karen Wood said...

Awesome Pictures. You should be a cub leader to be able to identify all those animal tracks. I wish I was brave enough to take my cub pack there!!!

Michelle Joyce said...

Can I come home?

Marilee said...

YES YOU MAY! Oh wait. NO YOU CAN"T! Come with Brad in October. It's just a few weeks away!

Kaylynn said...

Cool pictures of all of the tracks. We did see lots of fish when we were there last. Hope it tasted good for your dinner.