Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Halloween

I kinda think this is the first year we have carved pumpkins since moving here. I'm not sure the real reason for that, although I blame it on the move. I suppose it took me out of my rhythm. All holidays and celebrations have changed since July 2006. But thanks to Laurel we had a real Halloween Family Home Evening on Monday night. Pumpkin carving, roasting seeds, and root beer floats.

I have a new camera. Remember me mentioning that I lost my "less than a year old camera" in the pasture? My new camera (Cannon PowerShot ELPH 300HS) has some fun settings. This one above is the toy camera setting.

Neal and Laurel were very creative this year. It's a good thing we took this picture soon after carving because the next morning we woke up to a sad looking mummy pumpkin. Our dog chewed the pumpkin to pieces. We have a funny dog. Right when the pumpkins came home, and after Laurel walked in the door, Rio ate the stems off.

Neal is interested in logos these days as you can tell from his pumpkin carving. He has a friend whose dad is collecting old cars and having them crushed for money so Monday after VolleyBall practice he zipped up there to take off the vehicle logos. I have to admit this collection is pretty neat, hey Clark?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Kalispell 5k

I had another excuse to go to Montana. My second 5k. I'm not sure what part of the weekend was the most fun. The friends, having Laurel come this year, eating out, the shopping, singing to the radio, the hotel stay, the laughing, the run. It was all just plain fun.

Barb is missing :( She is our inspiration and running expert. Last minute she came down with the flu so of course she wasn't able to come. Laurel came instead to be our photographer.

See the lady to the right? She was in my sight pretty much the whole time. And you know why? Because I saw her walking at times and thought to myself, "I'm not gonna walk, I'm gonna run the whole way". At one point I saw her holding her side, and I felt bad that she had a cramp. She would run and I would see her walk a bit, then she would run, and then walk a bit. But then you know what happened? She beat me. And not by a lot. Maybe 20 seconds. Not a huge huge deal, but after I realized we were in the same age bracket and that the first 3 runners (I was 4th) in each bracket got a little something I was kinda disappointed. Had I known right I would have really boogied. So my next run, I have decided that whoever is in front of me, you know, in my real close proximity, I am going to sprint to the finish line.

The thumb is up, I did it again!

When this picture was being taken I thought it was cute that Laurel and I were sharing earphones, but looking at the picture it looks kinda silly.

It's hard to compare the two runs because the courses were different. Last year the course was flat and this year the course was not, but I am still happy with my time. I only added 1 minute. I was really surprised at my time because I felt like I was going so so slow at times, but then realized that I must have been going at a pretty good clip otherwise. I don't run outside, only on my treadmill with no incline at all. My thought has been that I just want to be able to run with not stopping but after this 5k I want to increase my speed as well, for next time. A friend of ours just qualified for the Boston Marathon so I think I'll pick his brain for some running tips.

I'm not sure what Kaylynn and I are doing, but clearly Dixie was the only ready for the photo and we had to get a picture with our 5k t-shirts.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Call Has Arrived!

I am guessing you all just want to know details right? Ok, here goes.........

Argentina Buenos Aires West and she reports to the mission home on February 22.

She is so happy and so are we! We love you wittle waurel wee!