Thursday, November 10, 2011

Just a Fun Day with Lou Lou

So I am a volunteer for Find A Grave. I know. That sounds kinda weird. A couple of summers ago I was helping a woman that had contacted our Bishop, to find some pictures of distant relatives in this area. She was related to the Cahoon's so the Bishop thought I would be a logical choice. Sure, why not? Her inquiries made me a little more interested in how we "met up" so in my searching I happened upon the Find A Grave site. It was pretty interesting and figured I could help. Within the last couple of months I have been contacted through Find A Grave to photograph headstones for people who are interested in finding information on their families. All three cemeteries were in Montana, right over the border in and near Browning. I figured this was something I didn't want to do alone and knew that Lou Lou would want to come along, plus we figured it would be an adventure too.

This is the Cahoon Hotel in downtown Cardston. Yes, it is our Cahoon family, but not as close as you would think. This "hotel" is not a hotel anymore. It is really run down in the inside, like really rundown, and it is the kind of a place where undesirables might live and hangout at. Anyways, I was sitting in the car waiting for Lou Lou while she was picking something up, and thought I would use my new found setting and take a cool picture for fun. Thus the start of our day.

So Browning is a town where the Blackfeet Indians live. It is a small town just outside of East Glacier. It is flat, and windy, and kind of an unkempt town. We pass through here on our way to and from Utah. We always stop at the same gas station to fill up one last time and get our favorite US treat. Mine would be Hostess Snowballs, Neal likes the Hostess Chocolate Pies, and Mark loves their chicken wings. Anyway, this is a picture of St.Michael's Cemetery. Super interesting. Graves just placed here and there in no particular order. A few little walking paths and nothing is kept up. You gotta click on the picture to get the idea. We were looking for 3 graves here and found 2 of them.

There are some neat places to stop at. There is a Blackfeet Museum and a big shop that sells some neat native items, but we decided to go to the pawn shop. It has some interesting items for sure. Pendelton blankets, clothing, boots, and more used socket wrenches than I will ever see again. There were buckets of them. Weird.

And saddles. Lots of saddles just stacked on top of each other.

Our next stop took us to Dupuyer which is about 30 miles south of Browning. No problem. We have enough gas to get there and back and plus I am sure there is a gas station there. Our family has gone through Dupuyer maybe 50 times or more. Nope. No gas station. We did see this pump, but it was just on the side of the road and clearly this pump was not in working order. We didn't really know where the Dupuyer Cemetery was so we decided to drive 30 more miles to Choteau where I knew there was a gas station for sure. We didn't want to go searching and searching for the cemetery and use up the last of our gas right? Guess what? When we headed back to Dupuyer the road to the Dupuyer Cemetery was at the end of the block where this gas pump was. Oh, and we found who we were looking for here as well.

Choteau is a neat little town with some character here and there.

Dusk is the time to watch for deer.

This is the entry to the Holy Family Mission Cemetery. Yep, we are adventuresome. It looks darker than it really was, but really, it was a little dark to be headstone hunting. We had to look for Charles Choquette. He was kind of a big wig in this area and his name was on the information board at the opening. We couldn't come all this way and not try to find him. We had no luck though. When we go to Utah in better weather we will have to get off the beaten path and see what we can find in daylight.

It's pretty vast out here on the Blackfeet Reservation. This has info. on Charles Croquette if you click on it.

The graves are interesting for sure. Lots of plastic flowers and momentos. We thought this was interesting. It certainly tells a lot about the person. I know, you are probably thinking that this is a weird picture to post, but it's interesting and it certainly added to the experience.

Yah, I ran over old barbed wire. Oh and to make this creepier, when I was taking a picture of the entrance board (above), I heard a gunshot. No word of a lie! It wasn't like right near us, but I could kind of hear the richochet. Lou Lou said it was probably from hunters so we were good. We weren't going to come all this way and let a little flying bullet stop us. No Siree.

This is actually Lou Lou, but I have the same jacket and shoes so really, it could be me too.


Christie said...

The area ya'll live in is beautiful! Love the wide open spaces. Very interesting blog, Lee Lee. You guys have an interesting life. BTW,love the view from your kitchen. What a fun adventure!

Kaylynn said...

Wow - that is quite the adventure, a day searching cemeteries in Browning and Dupuyer. That's an experience few in this world will get to have. I am glad Lou Lou went with you and that you didn't run out of gas.

Anonymous said...

Less than a full tank in Northern Montana, kinda spooky in and of itself right there! Cemeteries, gun shots, random wire under vehicles, an Adventure for sure and you two handled it well, found most of what you were looking for, a rather productive day I would say!! Good on ya"ll!! Wonder what the next adventure will involve? Should be fun no matter what it is!!!

Barb said...

YOUR CRAZY! That scared me even reading about it!