Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Another Thanksgiving has come and gone. I think this has been our most "low key" one ever. Lou Lou's family wasn't able to make it so it was just the 6 of us ( Clark is still working in Hawaii).

Michelle doctored up the turkey this year with garlic and rosemary.

Michelle also set the table. Michelle loves being a homemaker!

We played Ticket to Ride a few times. Brad was the high winner twice with scores of 207 and 197. Whatever Brad!

There is just something about a mommas bed isn't there?

The girls and I went into Lethbridge for shopping and sushi, which was pretty yummy. The bento, not the shopping.

Yep, another game. See how happy everyone is while waiting for Mark to take his turn?

Brad and Michelle took a drive up to Waterton and this is what they found. It is not summertime anymore :(

They also found the elk hanging around. No bugling, but still very cool. Sometimes you can see hundreds of elk.

This is a little rest stop just the other side of the border. I like how Old Chief is there in the background just hanging out. This was taken on a mail run to Babb. With no shipping on most items these days and no Montana tax, shopping online rocks!


Our little local paper is little, but once or twice a month it is packed with information. Do you see Laurel's name?

Poor Michelle was SO embarrassed when we met up with Lou Lou at Costco. Like, really embarrassed! Lou Lou and I usually plan what we are going to wear when we are together even down to our hair. One of us has to wear it up or down. This time it didn't happen and look what happened! We're twins, it's gonna happen!

Just a few more weeks and we will ALL be together again!


Kari said...

Thanks for the photo-post-peek into your weekend, Marilee! Beautiful scenery, as usual! Games are the best, aren't they. Just for the banter in between turns.

And to top off your weekend with the "Twins Scene" at Costco. There ought to be a commercial in there somewhere!

Laurel Lee Cahoon said...

what is with the lighting on that photo of michelle and i at the mall??? :P

marinn and michael just had a hard time telling you two apart! haha marinn asked if the photo was split and mirrored or something.

Dixie Dee said...

Nice work on the table Michelle! Too bad Waterton looks so cold. Nice photos as usual Marilee, and fun picture of the "Twins in Costco!"
Fun to have the kids home, I hope Christmas is great too!!!
Yup, like my camera! :)

Kaylynn said...

I have been waiting to hear the Thanksgiving report. It looks like a really fun week. Michelle is a talented homemaker. What a great family - just remember they will always need you:)

MLH said...

I am loving your photography - awesome to have a glimpse of life there.

Marilou said...

Another nice Thanksgiving with most of your kiddies home!

Barb said...

Tee hee I love the twin picture, I am glad that I am enough of your friend now that I can totally tell you two apart, it makes me feel special!!

Gina woodhouse said...

How funny! My twin girls got a kick out of seeing you two dressed alike. You must be on the same wavelength!

Christie said...

Love the photography and the table setting. It's fun to see you guys together. :)